Genlighten is no longer in operation. Here is a statement from their site:


1 January 2020

We’ve retired from Genlighten and taken the site offline.

If you’re seeking to hire a professional genealogist, we recommend searching the membership lists on these websites:

If you’re looking for a full-service research company, consider LegacyTree Genealogists.

And, if you’re looking for expert help to work with your DNA test results, we suggest contacting Your DNA Guide.

To those of you who used the site during its ten active years, thanks for being a part of the community! We’ve enjoyed our role in helping you move your research forward and we wish you continued success.

The Genlighten Team

This is a description of the service they used to provide:

Genlighten is an online marketplace for genealogy research services. They connect users with researchers who can assist them in their family history research.

“Our research providers can help you find the records, relationships, and answers you’re searching for. We make it easy to get the help you need, from basic document lookups to large-scale lineage studies.”

“Unlike “Yellow Pages”-like sites that simply list researchers for hire, we’re a full-featured e-commerce platform for fee-based genealogy services. Each of our providers has a web-based “store” complete with research offerings and client reviews. You browse providers’ offerings and initiate customized research projects with them. A simple-to-use interface lets you and the provider track your project every step of the way.”

You can browse by Locality and see which providers are listed for the area where you need research, which repositories have searchable content for researchers, any special offerings for a particular area (such as death certificates, etc), or societies that have resources for that area.

You can also submit your research request and then review the various offers.


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