Genome Mate Pro is a  free website for mapping DNA chromosomes. Genome Mate Pro (GMP) allows you to upload DNA tests and GEDCOM files. The site works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. “Data is stored locally in an encrypted SQLite database, not in the cloud or on a server for privacy considerations.”

Currently, you can upload autosomal DNA test results from these companies:

  • 23andMe
  • Ancestry
  • MyHeritage*
  • GedMatch (another third party DNA mapping site)

If you’re a new user on this site, they recommend you watch their introductory videos and refer to their User Guide and Facebook Users Group.

Genome Mate Pro is funded by donations to their site.

*MyHeritage import template information in the 2/20/2018 GMP release notes. Check the Facebook Users Group for help if needed.


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