Genomelink is a free and subscription site where you can upload your DNA test results to learn how DNA shapes the nutrition, fitness, personality and intelligence traits you share with family members. Upload your DNA data to unlock 100+ traits. First 25 traits free. Visit the site for current subscription prices.


With Genomelink Unlimited, in addition to the 100+ trait reports offered on Genomelink, you’ll receive 1 new trait report every week!


Some Traits results from Genomelink

Some Traits results from Genomelink


Genomelink terms state that your DNA data belongs to you and they offer these guarantees:

  • HIPAA-grade security
    Our security is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements regarding protected health information.
  • No secondary data usage
    We will never use or sell your DNA data, even anonymously, for secondary usage.
  • Completely deletable
    You can delete your data on our server whenever you want; we fully support your ownership.


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