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Residence Records


Land & Property

  • Early American Documents – material from the colonial era and early republic, with most being land and legal documents from Pennsylvania. 








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Daily Life Records


The Arts









Government & Legal




  • Early American Documents – This is a digital representation of the Early American Document Collection, an artificial collection comprising Colonial Era documents from a variety of donors and locations.  Within this digital collection are scanned images of colonial American documents, as well as details and images of watermarks (where applicable).  Inclusive dates are largely bulked between 1727-1728, and also from 1775-1787.  There are not many mid-century documents, pertaining to topics like the French and Indian War, or specific topics on daily colonial life.  The collection contains broadsides, manuscripts, and other material from the colonial era and early republic, with most being land and legal documents from Pennsylvania. The majority of material pertains to administration in colonial Philadelphia, and the American Revolution.  Many of the court, petition, and survey documents concern the wards and organization of colonial Philadelphia.  1728 survey documents, Philadelphia Mayor correspondence for William Fishbourn and Thomas Lawrence, and documents published in German directed towards the German-speaking peoples in Pennsylvania, known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, are examples of the material that can be found within this collection.  Transcriptions accompany some of these documents.  The Early American Document Collection also contains a strong variety of colonial watermarks, which are hidden symbols laid into the paper by the papermaker for recognition, from domestic and foreign paper. 






Magazines, Journals, Pamphlets



Manuscript Collections









Oral Histories



Photos & Postcards












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Military Records


Civil War



World War I



World War II



Vietnam War


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