The Glenravel Local History Project website has free downloadable pdf files for Belfast, Northern Ireland timelines as well as books, dvds and magazines that can be purchased, including a history of Milltown cemetery.

“Today many people are becoming extremely interested in the history of their area. Many are coming together to find out about this and in different parts of the country there are community programs set up to explore the subject. Our history is also from this background when a community decided to come together to explore the history of a section of our area which contained the old Belfast Poor House and the historic Clifton Street Cemetery. In the centre of this area stood Glenravel Street and it was from this that we choose our name. Our overall aim was to create a new community based interest in the history of our district and to achieve this various articles were written by members of the group and published in numerous newspapers and magazines. We have also published our own material covering the histories of other Belfast districts as well as subjects ranging from local ghost and crime stories.

We have two main publications which are Belfast History Magazine and Ireland History Magazine. Belfast History Magazine is on sale in all leading newsagents throughout the city every month. Ireland History Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which is sold all over Ireland.”


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