GnoMine (pronounced gee-no-mine) is a cryptocurrency based on your personal DNA and blockchain technology.

GnoMine believes people can leverage the value they receive from their DNA testing.

They are creating a system based on blockchain technology that will allow individuals to benefit financially from the use of their DNA in biomedical research and other studies.

The theory is, as DNA becomes more widely tested and used for the financial benefit of the testing companies and third-party sites, individuals should take over the stewardship of their own DNA. GnoMine believes individuals will do a better job selecting how and when their DNA will be used and any resulting contracts for the use of their DNA can be done with a cryptocurrency directly tied to their unique DNA signature. As cryptocurrencies become a more accepted means of completing financial transactions, GnoMine believes the marketplace “will increase the ways consumers can obtain and interact with their data.”

GnoMine was one of the Innovation Showcase contenders at RootsTech 2018, the largest genealogical convention in the world.


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