is a free site for cemetery and graveyard research in the Netherlands and Maasmechelen, Belgium. has a goal to make cemetery and related death record research available to genealogists and family history researchers for free.

At Graftombe there are several ways to search for graves and burials.

  • A simple Surname search.

  • You can start with a Name Search (Surnames were adopted by law in 1811 so prior to 1811 you may only have a first name, surnames permit wildcards because spellings varied wildly), then specify a Date range, and Region.

  • You can start with a Region, then select a town, then a cemetery, then a name (left column for region search)

Graftombe Forum/Message Board


“Would you like to help?

See if there is a cemetery that can be done. The following provinces sought out what cemeteries are there and they are still free. This list is not bijgewerkt.19-07-2015


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