Guide de Généalogie offers free French genealogy research guides online. Follow Guide de Génealogie on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. Guide de Généalogie is a subsidiary of CDIP, a genealogy software, photo & cartography company specializing in online genealogy in France.

These are links and guide information from their site:



Understanding genealogical terms, methods for starting your genealogy

  • Starting your genealogy

    All tips to get started

  • Numbering

    Properly classify your ancestors for a good location in the genealogies

  • Paleography

    Learn to decipher the ancient documents, essential especially for the 17th century!”



Family papers, marital status, parish registers, registers of numbers, the sources are numerous!

  • Family documents

    Family booklet, photos, ID card …

  • Civil status

    Birth, marriage and death certificates, basic documents to establish your genealogy

  • Cadastre

    The cadastre provides information on the personal property of an ancestor”



The list of places for your genealogy searches: archives, associations …

  • Departmental Archives

    This essential place for genealogists centralizes all the archives of the department

  • National Archives

    The archives preserve documents that can be useful to genealogists

  • Associations

    Mutual aid, databases, associations are an essential aid”


“Data processing

Software and Internet: all the tools to simplify the management of your genealogy

  • Genealogy software

    The software is essential to capture, search and present your research

  • Mobile app

    Through the application, your genealogy is everywhere with you on your smartphone or tablet!


    The gedcom, useful to genealogists, allows to exchange its genealogical data”



All the sites of the Archives, associations, forums and discussion lists …

  • Genealogical Circles

    Find all the associations of France and Navarre with their addresses and sites!

  • Dioceses

    Find the addresses of the bishops who preserve interesting archives

  • Forums

    Blocking your search? Need help? Ask the question on a forum”



Glossary, abbreviations, letter templates … find help with your searches.

  • Free download

    Genealogy, genealogy software, trees and family record to download!

  • cousinade

    A cousinade? Why and how to organize a family reunion

  • psychogenealogy

    Understanding our personality by following in the footsteps of our ancestors”


“Genealogy and History

The history of the family tree and your ancestors in history


“Genealogy Abroad

Advice and sites to visit to search for your foreign ancestors


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