“The records are available at the Hawaii State Archives and are briefly described as follows: Marriage records: 1826-1929. These records are primarily from individual ministers who conducted marriage ceremonies, or from marriage agents who issued licenses to marry. There are also a few early records from school teachers who were required by law to report marriages in their district. Records from 1896 onwards may provide more information such as parents of the bride/groom, race or ethnicity, age, and place of residence. Court records: Divorce: 1848-1915. These records often contain information about the couple, including the date of marriage, residence, circumstances and reasons which led to filing for divorce, children involved and fees paid to the court. Probate: These cases document the disposition of a deceased person’s estate according to the terms of the decedent’s last will and testament. Wills: 1852-1916. These records contain names of heirs; appointed executor or guardians; and/or lists of possessions. Citizenship: Naturalization records: 1844-1894. These records contain names of persons requesting to become naturalized citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii, their country of origin, and their current place of residence. Denization: 1846-1898. These records document the admission of an alien to residence or conferred certain limited rights or privileges of citizenship. The records usually provide the applicant’s name, nativity (birthplace), and place of residence. Passports: 1845-1874. These records were used for exit from and re-entry into Hawaii. They certified the identity and citizenship of the bearer. The records provide the applicant’s name and signature, nativity (birthplace), place of residence, and name and destination of the vessel on which the applicant intended to travel. Records numbered from 959 may also contain the following information: age, business, height, hair, eyes, and complexion.”


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