Het Flevolands Archief  (English: Flevolands Archive) is the Online Flevoland Netherlands Genealogy Records. Flevoland is referred to the New Land because it’s a newer province consisting of southern and eastern Flevopolders and new land reclaimed from the water, and as such has fewer records for genealogy and family history. This was formerly the Nieuw Land Archief (New Lands Archive).


The Archive includes: “tens of thousands of photographs, documents, maps, drawings and objects that were found during the reclamation of the area in the ancient sea floor.”

Flevolands Memory

  • “This website is full of stories. Some of the stories comes from the archives of New Land. Flevolands memory is the sum of all the memories of Flevoland, Urk, Noordoostpolder, Dronten, Lelystad, Almere, Zeewolde and the Zuiderzee Project.”

Flevoland  Birth, Marriage and Death records are online at WieWasWie and include:

  • Schokland : 5448 Items

    • Dip Books: 2066

    • Trouw Book / annexes: 642

    • Bury Books: 389

    • Birth Certificates: 1,028

    • Marriage certificates: 244 (out of 209 documents are attachments available)

    • Death certificates: 870

  • Urk : 17,895 items

    • Dip Books: 1934

    • Trouw Book: 324

    • Bury Books: 188

    • Birth Certificates: 6847

    • Marriage certificates: 2,145 (from 1,057 instruments have been available annexes))

    • Death certificates: 5,400

  • Northeast : until July 1962

    • Death certificates: 895

  • Northeast : from July 1962

    • Death certificates: 232

  • Public Body Zijp (Dronten)

    • Death certificates: 52

They have a genealogy research guide online (downloadable) in Dutch only.


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