The National Library of Finland has digital collections including:

  • Newspapers from 1771-1910
  • Newer Copyrighted Newspapers
  • Finnish Journals from the end of the 18th century -1910, free
  • Maps and Atlases of Finland
  • The Nordenskiöld Map Collection
  • Finnish Classical Literature
  • Dissertations of the Royal Academy of Turku from 1642-1828
  • Raita-Old Music Recordings
  • Fragmenta Membranea Collection, parchment leaves from 10th-15th century
  • Fenno-Ugrica, digital collection
  • and more

Finnish newspapers from 1771 to 1910 are included in the National Library of Finland’s free, online collection. The National Library of Finland has more than 4 million pages of papers before 1910, almost half their collection (49%). Copyrighted material (over 51% of the collection) is not free.


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