Historical Society of Amherst, NH promotes the study and recording of the history of Amherst, New Hampshire.


The Historical Society:

Cares for two Museums – The Wigwam and the Chapel – both located in pristine Amherst Village.
Digitized hundreds of old photographs, which are now accessible through this Web site on the Digital Images link.
Works cooperatively with the Amherst Town Library which contains a wealth of information on our town’s past.
Researched and wrote Walking Tours of Amherst Village. This guide book includes 57 buildings and sites organized into four tours of the Amherst Village Historic District, and it was the recipient of the N. H. Preservation Alliance’s 2011 Preservation Achievement Award.
Researched and wrote Amherst, New Hampshire: A Sleeping Town Awakens 1881/1982, to bring the town’s history up to date from Daniel F. Secomb’s 1883 book.
Continues to record oral and written histories and maintain scrapbooks of town events and citizen accomplishments. (Click here to see our oral history tape collection.)
Publishes six newsletters a year for its membership, keeping them informed on current happenings and offering research articles of historic interest.


[su_heading size=”24″]Online Collections [/su_heading]

Our town genealogist, Jackie Marshall, has spent countless hours transcribing data from various sources and compiling indexes that we’re sure will prove tremendously useful to those doing genealogical research.


We’re happy to make her Indexes available on this Web site.

About Index to Amherst Vital Records

– Births (1884 – 1930)

– Marriages (1884 – 1930)

– Deaths – Registered in Amherst (1884 – 1989)

– Deaths – Brought from away & buried in Amherst (1884 – 1997)

About the Index to Volume I of the Congregational Church Records


– 29 Sep 1741 – 13 Feb 1780

– 16 Apr 1780 – 22 Aug 1792

– 04 Sep 1792 – 30 Sep 1799

– 09 Mar 1800 – 29 Oct 1810

– 18 Dec 1810 – 04 Jun 1826




1774 & 1792 thru 1795 & 1796 thru 1800

1801 thru 1808 & 1815

Information and Photos of Grave Sites in Amherst


[su_heading size=”24″]Membership [/su_heading]

Help support our Society’s goals through membership and/or donation. Tax-deductible membership dues/donations allow our Society to promote the study of Amherst’s rich history, record and collect artifacts vital to our town’s story, and maintain our two historic museum buildings and the artifacts they house.

Members will receive our newsletter six times a year. Articles keep members up to date on Society news and typically contains a research article of historic interest.

Join or Renew Today!

Membership runs from July 1 through June 30 each year.  For more information, contact membership@hsanh.org or download a brochure.

Memberships run from $20 – $375.


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