Historici.nl is a website for Dutch history, “an independent medium, the content of which is determined by the editorial staff and visitors alike. The site is made possible by the Huygens Institute , an institute of the Academy, and the Royal Dutch Historical Society , the largest professional association of historians in the Netherlands. The website serves content independent of these organizations. Opinions expressed by participants and contributions Historici.nl therefore do not reflect the opinion of the Huygens ING and / or the KNHG.”

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A sampling of their collections:

  • Archives in Italy, important for the history of the NetherlandsDescribed by Gisbert Brom (year of publication: 1908-1914) Like other countries, the Advisory Committee on ‘s Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën gave at its beginning in 1904 to open up the command sources for Dutch history in Italy for historical .. . Read more

  • Teylers Godgeleerd Netherlands. Biographical Dictionary of Dutch theologians

    By B. Glasius (year of publication: 1851-1856), theologian / church historian Barend Glasius (1805-1886) are three-part biographical dictionary Teylers Godgeleerd Netherlands wrote alongside his work as pastor of Geertruidenberg where he stood from 1836 to 1879. Glasius was originally … Read more

  • Biographical Lexicon of the history of Dutch Protestantism

    (year of publication: 1978-2006) The six parts of the digitized Biographical Lexicon of the history of Dutch Protestantism contain some 2,200 biographies of people who played a role in the history of Dutch Protestantism

  • Roman documents in the history of the Roman Catholic church in the Netherlands 1832-1914

    Composed by JP Falcon This release opens the archive material relating to the Netherlands in the archives of the Holy See and other related sites in the Netherlands and Italy.

  • Dutch Ships and Sailors

    Dutch Ships and Sailors is a project that AIMS to providence an infrastructure for maritime historical data sets, linking correlating data through semantic web technology. It brings together data sets related to recruitment and shipping in the East India trade (Mainly 18th century) and in the shipping of the northern provinces of the Netherlands (Mainly 19th century).

    For the northern provinces, the database contains data on the personnel Recruited, the ships, and other variables ( Sample Roles Northern Netherlands ). For the VOC, the datasets Involved contain data on the recruitment of personnel in the Dutch Republic ( VOC voyagers ), the voyages of ships to Asia and back (Dutch-Asiatic Shipping), the mustering of ships and crew composition in Asian waters ( Generale Roles sea monster ).


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