The Holderness Historical Society preserves the history and culture of the Town of Holderness, New Hampshire. They collect artifacts, maintain a museum, and offer educational programs to the public.


On August 28, 1961, the first meeting of the Holderness Historical Society was held at the home of Susan Bacon Keith.  Through the next years meetings were held in private homes, the Community Church and the firehouse.  When the New Hampshire Baptist Convention declared the North Holderness Church defunct the Historical Society purchased the building and had it moved from Perch Pond Road to Curry Place in 1994.

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History of Holderness by George Hodges $15
Abbreviated History of Holderness by Susan B. Keith & Margaret A. Howe $3
A History of Public Schools in Holderness 1789-1949 by Doris Graton $15
Around Squam Lake by Bruce Heald, Ph.D. $15
Spring Sounds by Sid Lovett $2
Fire Department Auxiliary Cookbook (orig. pub. 1980) $3
1903 Squam Lake Map suitable for framing Plain paper $35
36×31 inches Laminated $40
Concord & Montreal Map of Squam Lakes and Vicinity–20 1/4″ X 15 1/2″–Laminated $15
Laminated Placemats with map of 1761 land division $4
Benefiting “Celebrate Holderness”:
Holderness 03245 T-shirts, cream color $5
Sweatshirts, navy or gray $12

If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us:

Missy Mason,
Curry Place, Rte 3, P.O. Box 319, Holderness, NH 03245


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  1. What is the name of the cemetery that is located on the Brooks Fisher Trail in Holderness? There is one stone standing. “Benjamin son of ? Daniel and ? Hannah ??????” This is a quite large cemetery enclosed by a stone wall. Close by is the remains of a cellar hole. This trail is off Perch Pond Road.


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