HV Chapman & Sons is an Old-world Bookbinder that has been locally owned and operated in Abilene, Texas since 1947. We specialize in handcrafted book covers all created in-house so you can have the exact finished product you desire. Not only do we bind and restore all types of books, but we also help self-publishing authors fulfill their dreams of seeing their own work in print. Whether fictional or genealogical, we’ll help you tell and preserve your story.


Contact HV Chapman & Sons for pricing. Some project ideas are listed below.



Is your family’s history bursting at the seams? Are there countless stories of your heritage waiting to be preserved and passed on to future generations? H.V. Chapman & Sons is passionate about working with you to permanently chronicle the stories of your past for future generations to enjoy. By working with HVC, you’ll come to think of us as part of your family. You know we’ll take care of your history as a trusted family member should.



Are you looking to publish a book? Well, look no further! H.V. Chapman & Sons specializes in Genealogy and Christian stories, but we also print a wide range of other genres. From consulting with authors for editing and formatting purposes to putting your finished titles up for sale in our Amazon store, HVC offers a turn-key solution for publishing your books.


Rebinding / Restoration

We’ve all had a book that was loved to the point that it is in tatters. Don’t fret if pages are falling out or your cover is falling off. H.V. Chapman & Sons can restore your treasured book to its former glory or create a new, custom binding.



College Thesis papers have caused students many a sleepless night and many more tears. Universities can trust the finished products in the hands of H.V. Chapman & Sons. We treat these books with as much care as your students have spent over the months crafting them.


In the world of cookie-cutter yearbooks, the big publishing houses force you to work within parameters and deadlines that are engineered to flow around their business model. Do deadlines imposed in Kansas or Dallas force you to produce a book that doesn’t meet the schedule of your school year? And who doesn’t like the words “free shipping”?

Not only does H.V. Chapman & Sons provide free shipping of yearbooks; we also allow you to have most of the control while producing your yearbook with flexible deadlines that the larger printing companies don’t allow. We specialize in working with smaller schools throughout Texas so you can experience the hospitality of a local business even if you’re not within the city limits of Abilene. Don’t let geography stop you. We’ll gladly work on yearbooks from anywhere in the United States! 


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