European Immigrant Servants Database Advanced Search

“Historians estimate that more than 75% of the colonists who settled south of New England financed their voyages to the New World as servants.  Nine out of ten individuals identified as indentured servants, convict servants, and redemptioners in colonial sources were immigrants. … It is predicted that the database will eventually include more than 100,000 immigrant servants who are clearly identified in extant sources.”

“Special care is being taken to include only individuals who voyaged to the British colonies from Europe as servants.  To qualify, the individual’s servant status and name must be clear in surviving source materials – those who are only suspected of being servants are excluded.  Exiled British and Irish political rebels and transatlantic apprentices are also included.  Efforts have been taken to filter out African slaves, Native American servants, mulatto servants, white apprentices, white hired laborers, and poor orphans bound out by the parish, as these individuals were not necessarily European immigrants.  In many instances, it is difficult to distinguish between immigrant servants and these other types of laborers in colonial sources.  In cases where that distinction is unclear, it has been noted in the comments section of the person’s biographical profile.”



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