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Index of Polish Marriages until 1899 is a free site where volunteers submit indexed marriage records from Polish lands up till 1899. They currently have almost 100,000 indexed marriage records. These are in alphabetical order by both male and female surname (so there will be two records for one marriage).

Site Coverage:

  • “The present site is devoted to the area of the Russian partition (the Kingdom of Poland, earlier the Duchy of Warsaw) and the Free City of Cracow (as long as the Napoleon’s Civil Code was in force here, which was during 1810-1852).”

  • “The Austrian partition (the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria) is represented here by some data, although the civil registers were carried by other regulations and the indexes were rather not created here, so it is difficult to rewrite and publish it.”

  • The Grand Duchy of Poznan is covered by the Poznan Project.

  • Pomerania (Royal Prussia) is covered by the Pomeranian Genealogical Association.

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