The Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS) helps preserve and publish materials relating to the people who settled the state of Indiana.


[su_heading size=”20″]Member Online Collections & Membership Benefits[/su_heading]

“Members of the Indiana Genealogical Society receive access to our growing collection of databases. We currently have 2,263 databases, with at least 10 databases for each of Indiana’s 92 counties. We add new databases every month.”

“Members of the Indiana Genealogical Society receive electronic delivery of our publications, IGS Newsletter and Indiana Genealogist. IGS Newsletter contains news items from across the state. Indiana Genealogist contains record abstracts and helpful articles relating to Indiana genealogy research.”

“The Indiana Genealogical Society has a lineage society, the Territorial Guard Society of Indiana, for members who can trace their descendancy from an ancestor who lived within the boundaries of present-day Indiana on or before December 11, 1816 (the date of Indiana statehood).”

Follow the Indiana Genealogical Society’s blog for updates on collections and events.


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