Free record and image searches for 266,822 images of “Court records from the Mungkid District Court in Mungkid, Indonesia. This collection includes the following record types: Perdata Eksekusi (court decrees), Perdata Hutang puitang (civil cases of indebtedness), Perdata Jual-Beli (business litigation & fraud), Perdata Perceraian (divorce decrees), Perdata Perlawanan (cases of civil resistance), Perdata Warisan (Petitions for designation of heirs), Penetapan Ahli Waris (heir appointment documents), Permohonan Akte Kelahiran (applications for birth certificates), Permohonan Akte Kematian (requests for death certificates), Permohonan Ganti Nama (applications for name changes), Permohonan Pembetulan Akte Kelahiran (applications for correction of birth certificates), Permohonan Pengangkatan Anak (requests for adoption), Permohonan Perkawinan (applications for marriage certificate), and Permohonan Perwalian Anak (applications for child custody).”


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