“Type of material in this collection: Bulletins, schedules of events, project worksheets
Timeframe: 1961-1977
Description: Henderson’s Industrial Days celebration began as an anniversary celebration in April 1952 when Henderson celebrated its 10th anniversary and its history as the center of industry for Nevada.(The city did not officially incorporate until 1953, but construction of the townsite that became Henderson began in 1942.) By 1953 the celebration was called Industrial Days. The annual, days-long celebration, which took place in April(sometimes May) featured a parade, a beauty contest, and several other community events. This Industrial Days collection includes programs(also referred to as bulletins and magazines) and schedules of events published by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce for the Industrial Days celebrations from 1963 through 1977. These items include narratives about Henderson’s and Nevada’s past, historical photographs, advertisements from local businesses, and more. Project worksheets for the 1961 Industrial Days celebration provide a look at the detailed planning process involved in coordinating the Industrial Days celebrations. This important celebration of Henderson’s history and community, called Heritage Days since 1995, still brings Henderson residents together every year.”


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