International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki | ISOGG is a free site for learning about genetic genealogy and has articles, forums, links, and more.

Some helpful links include:

Genetics Glossary, for when you can’t quite remember what that word means

Abbreviations, for genetic genealogy abbreviations and ISOGG Wiki shortcuts

DNA Testing Comparison Charts

Genetic Genealogy Resources

DNA projects


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  1. A DNA match to me (deceased) remains mysterious. From examining matches including the mystery man’s daughter, I am fairly certain the persons’ parent was either my great-grandfather or one of his siblings. I and some of my 1st cousins have had our DNA done in I cannot seem to find out if, either from my matches or DNA or a combo, I can determine which of my great-grandfather and his siblings are the parent. I have asked several non-genetic genealogists and they do not seem to know. Thank you.


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