The Iowa Digital Library at The University of Iowa has digitized yearbooks, maps, Civil War and World War I and II diaries and letters, oral histories and more.



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A sampling of genealogy-related collections online:

African American Women in Iowa Digital Collection

Asian American Alumni & Student Oral History Project

Atlases and Maps

Civil War Diaries and Letters

Dentistry College Class Photographs

General Land Office Survey Maps

Historic Iowa Children’s Diaries

History Corps Archive

Hixson Plat Map Atlases of Iowa

Pioneer Lives

University of Iowa Yearbooks

World War I Diaries and Letters

World War II Diaries and Letters

World War II Iowa Press Clippings

Mujeres Latinas Digital Collection Obituaries


More online collections:

Ann and Alan January Cylinder Collection

Anthropology at Iowa

Arthur and Miriam Canter Rare Book Room

Book Arts in Special Collections

Book Model Collection

Calvin Geological Photographs

Capture Your Research


Center for New Music Archive

Christine Grant collection

Conserving the Constitution of the State of Iowa, 1988

Council on Disability Awareness Publications

Dada Digital Collection

Dennis Michael Warren Slide Collection

Department of Theatre Arts Design Portfolios

Dutch in the World

Early Manuscripts Digital Collection

Editorial Cartoons of Brian Duffy

Editorial Cartoons of Frank Miller

Editorial Cartoons of Harold “Tom” Carlisle

Editorial Cartoons of J.N. “Ding” Darling

Eric Morton Civil Rights Papers

Eve Drewelowe Digital Collection

Evelyn Birkby Collection

Fan Fiction Oral History Project

Félix de la Concha’s Portraits in Conversation

Figge Art Museum Grant Wood Digital Collection

Fluxus West Digital Collection

Frederick W. Kent Nitrate Negative Collection

Geoscience Slides

Glenister Geoscience Slides

Grant Wood Art Colony

Hancher Auditorium Events

Helen Grundman 4-H Scrapbook

Henry A. Wallace Collection

Herstory Committee Digital Collection

Hevelin Fanzines

Historic Sheet Music Digital Collection

Homer Calkin Slides

Ignaz Pleyel Early Editions



ILA/ACRL Minutes and Reports

Imogene Hub Newsletter

International Programs Outreach Culture Kits

International Writing Program Collection

Iowa Aerial Photo Indices

Iowa Byington Reed Diaries

Iowa City Foreign Relations Council Presentations

Iowa City Independent Publishing

Iowa City Town and Campus Scenes

Iowa Counties Historic Atlases

Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning (IDEAL)

Iowa Floods of 2008

Iowa Historic Sheet Maps

Iowa in the Great Depression

Iowa Journalists Oral Histories

Iowa Labor History Oral Project

Iowa Print Group Archive

Iowa River Collection

Iowa Towns

Iowa Women’s Archives Founders

Iowa Women’s Archives Images

Irving Weber’s Iowa City

James Van Allen Papers

James W. Bollinger Collection

John Martin Rare Book Room Images

John Martin Rare Book Room Presents

John P. Vander Maas Railroadiana

Journals of Historic Railroad Orders


Latino-Native American Cultural Center Digital Collection

Leigh Hunt Letters

Levi O. Leonard Railroadiana

Madurese Storyteller Videos

Mechanical Engineering Class Letters

Media Fan Oral History Project

Michael W. Lemberger Political Photographs

Mildred Wirt Benson Collection

Morris Family Papers Digital Collection

Mujeres Latinas Digital Collection

Museum of Natural History Egg Cards

Nicholas Johnson collection

Nile Kinnick Digital Collections

Noble Photographs

Office of the State Archaeologist Photographs

Office of the State Archaeologist Publications

Paleontology Repository at the University of Iowa

Paper Through Time: Specimens Tested

Patrobas Cassius Robinson Digital Collection

Rand & Leopold Desk Company Catalogs

Research Collections Images

Rural Women Digital Collection

School of Art & Art History Graduate Archive

School of Art and Art History Resources

Science Fiction Fandom

Scottish Highlanders Collection

Social Justice in Iowa

Soteriou Papermaking Images Archive

Springer Printing Ephemera

Stradivari Quartet/Iowa String Quartet Archive

Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts and Cookbooks

Szathmary Recipe Pamphlets

The Darwin Turner and Afro-American Institute Collection

The University of Iowa Libraries Administrative and Public Relations Material

Tim Barrett Collection

Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century

U.S. Government Posters

UIMA Collection

University of Iowa Alumni Publications

University of Iowa Art Festival Programs

University of Iowa Artist Books Collection

University of Iowa Campus Maps

University of Iowa College of Medicine Historical Photographs

University of Iowa Coral Specimens

University of Iowa Coral Tissues

University of Iowa Digital Books Collections

University of Iowa History of Medicine Lectures

University of Iowa Main Library Gallery

University of Iowa Museum of Natural History Images

University of Iowa Office of the Registrar

University of Iowa Physical Education for Women

University of Iowa Press

University of Iowa School of Music Recordings Archive

University of Iowa School of Music Recordings Archive (2022-2023 Season)

University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

University Strategic Communication Photographs

Victor Animatograph Company Pamphlets

Victorian Trade Cards

Virtual Writing University Archive

W9XK Experimental Television at Iowa

William Morris Editions

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Iowa

Women’s Movement in Iowa

Women’s Suffrage in Iowa

Young Lords Organization Newsletters


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