Ireland-Australia Transportation Records (1791-1853) ( is a free, online database at the National Archives of Ireland. The collection includes:

  • Transportation Registers (1836-1857)

  • Prisoners’ Petitions and Cases (1788-1836)

  • State Prisoners’ Petitions (1798-1799)

  • Convict Reference Files (1836-1856: 1865-1868)

  • Free Settlers’ Papers (1828-1852)

  • Male Convict Register (1842-1847)

  • Register of Convicts on Convict Ships (1851-1853)

The Search results vary but may include full name, sex, age, trial place, trial date, crime, sentence, ship, comments, and a reference for the record source.

Also see the pdf “Sources in the National Archives for research into the transportation of Irish Convicts to Australia” and FAQs on transportation to Australia.


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