The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) has a free genealogy /ancestry search page where users can search more than 50,000 Jewish names online.

“There are 222 Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. JCAM currently owns and operates 115 of these Jewish cemeteries. As a service, JCAM is providing maps and directions to all Jewish cemeteries in the state. The JCAM owned and managed cemeteries are highlighted in yellow on the maps provided. In addition we’ve also started to publish histories of some of our cemeteries, including historic photos.”

“From the late 1800’s through the 1940’s, Greater Boston’s Jewish community was a predominantly immigrant group that grew and prospered out of the shtetels of Eastern Europe and the ashes of the Holocaust.  As these new Americans settled in Boston and the surrounding towns they built synagogues, formed landsleit organizations, and joined fraternal lodges. One of the first steps taken by these organizations was establishing and providing their members a Jewish burial site.”

“When JCAM was formed in 1984, it cared for 17 Jewish cemeteries, 5 of which were abandoned. Today we care for 115 of 222 Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts; including the oldest (the Temple Ohabei Shalom Cemetery in East Boston) and newest (the Beit Olam Cemetery in Wayland).  That is more than 50 percent of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. Over our 30-year history, JCAM has become an important Jewish cultural and historical resource.  We are also the caretakers of the history of the Jewish Community, not only in the Boston area but throughout Massachusetts.”



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