JHSD or the Jewish Historical Society of Delaware is dedicated to preserving the history of  Jewish settlement and Jewish life in Delaware. They have no on-line records but they have an archive with a large collection.

The Jewish Historical Society of Delaware has an archives that is “housed in the Research Library Building of the Historical Society of Delaware. Since its founding in 1974 and incorporation in 1975 the Jewish Historical Society has strived to fulfill its purpose of acquiring, preserving, and publishing material pertaining to the history of Jewish settlement and Jewish life in the State of Delaware.”

“The Delaware Jewish community traces its beginnings to the landing of Dutch Jewish traders in the year 1655 at what is now New Castle. Jewish life did not flourish in the state, however, until the second half of the 19th Century. With the establishment in 1879 of the first Jewish organization in the state: the Moses Montefiore Mutual Benefit Society, Jewish life began to take on a more permanent and established nature and evolved into the present day community of 13,000 people.”

“Materials housed within the archives include photographs, documents, oral histories, audio-visual materials, private papers, newspapers, memorabilia, and artifacts that record and document the organizational, cultural, religious, educational, business and family activities of the Jewish Community in Delaware. All collections are housed in state-of-the-art climate controlled surroundings and are processed according to strict archival principles. A number of large collections documenting the lives of prominent Jewish Delawareans are features of the archives. Among them are the Harry Bluestone Collection (prominent Social Worker and Community leader); the David Geffen Collection (noted Rabbi and Historian); and the Mollye Sklut Collection (noted World War II personality). An extensive biographical collection contains information about many other Delaware Jews and Jewish Families.”


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