is a genealogy site owned by John Grenham and he operates several useful free databases for Irish names, surnames, and ancestors.


  • Irish Surnames allows for free surname searches of Irish households in the 1800s.

“Enter a surname in the box, and find out:

    • The number and location of households of the name in Ireland 1848-64;

    • A surname map, showing numbers and locations throughout Ireland;

    • Variant spellings or associated names;

    • Surname dictionary entries;

    • Surname histories;

    • The numbers and location of births of the name between 1864 and 1913;

    • Published or printed family histories;

    • A possible coat of arms associated with the name.”



  • Irish Placenames is a tool for identifying Irish placenames based on the 1851 General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, parishes and Baronies of Ireland. “From here you can search the entire Index, together with street listings from Dublin, Cork and Belfast cities, more than 65,000 entries in all.”



You can search by:

    • Surnames

    • Placenames

    • Ancestors

After searching for a surname you can see where that surname was most popular and find links to family histories, births, and other websites specializing in that surname. Irish Ancestors also has interactive maps including Roman Catholic Parish Maps; Blogs and articles; and more. Irish Ancestors Irish Surnames Irish Placenames listed at OnGenealogy


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  1. Hello,
    I subscribed for one month on the Irish Ancestor’s site. My PayPal account shows the deduction.
    I have not been able to log into the site.
    Please advise.
    Thank you

    1. Christine,

      You will need to contact the business directly:

      This site is only a directory listing for their business and they won’t be able to respond to queries here.

      Best with your research,



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