JoyFlips is a website and mobile app for saving photos and stories. They have both a free and a fee offering.

JoyFlips accounts sync between Android devices and Windows computers as well as iOS devices and Mac computers and work with any browser. You can add metadata or stories to your photos by type or voice dictation, all for free.
You can also use their free, unlimited cloud storage for scanned photos, videos, and recordings.
The JoyFlips Family Archive Kit costs $189 and there are no recurring storage fees. This provides high-resolution, secure, off-line storage for +50 years for up to 30,000 photos, recordings, and videos.

“JoyFlips is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed from the ground up to integrate directly with existing products and service in the Genealogy, Family History, Photo Sharing and Photo Printing market. Our proprietary technology allows all of our services to be dynamically co-branded or white labeled for distribution through numerous partners. Our platform utilizes industry-leading infrastructure to ensure it is robust and massively scalable.”


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