The Kansas State Archives is located at the Kansas Historical Society headquartered in Topeka, Kansas. Their division has an Archive of government records, personal papers, books, a newspaper microfilm database, and more.





Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Kansas Residence Records


Although not entirely online, the Kansas State Archives has information about the 1855-1940 Kansas Censuses.

Guide to Kansas Census Indexes, 1855 – 1925

Territorial censuses, 1855-1859

1860 Federal Census of Kansas Territory

1865 Kansas State Census

1870 Federal Census of Kansas

1875 Kansas State Census

1880 Federal Census of Kansas

1885 Kansas State Census

1890 Federal Census of Kansas

1895 Kansas State Census

1900 Federal Census of Kansas

1905 Kansas State Census

1910 Federal Census of Kansas

1915 Kansas State Census

1920 Federal Census of Kansas

1925 Kansas State Census

1930 Federal Census of Kansas

1940 Federal Census online




Kansas State Gazetteer and Business Directories for 1878-1912

1878 – Kansas state gazetteer and business directory

1884-1885 – Kansas state gazetteer and business directory

1880 – Polk’s Kansas state gazetteer and business directory

1894 – Polk’s Kansas state gazetteer and business directory

1912 – Polk’s Kansas state gazetteer and business directory




Kansas Places Index






Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Kansas Daily Life Records



Government Records

State government publications

Kansas Legislators Past and Present

Governor John St. John, Exoduster received correspondenceGovernor John P. St. John (1879-1883) received these letters from persons concerned with the migration of southern blacks to Kansas, commonly known as the Exodus or Exoduster movement




Kansas Memory

Territorial Kansas Online, 1854-1861

Kansapedia – encyclopedia of Kansas history

National and State Historic Register



Magazines & Publications

Kansas Historical Collections (Transactions)

Kansas Historical Quarterly

Kansas History magazine

Kansas state agency publications

KSHS publications online 



Names & Surnames

Kansas Names Index




Kansas Memory






Military records Wars Veterans #OnGenealogy

Kansas Military Records


Kansas Military Index

Civil War on the Western Border




Modern Helps

Gale Research databases – available in KSHS research room

Ebsco Research databases – available in KSHS research room

Ancestry full access available in KSHS research room

Ancestry partnership offsite access for Kansas residents

Heritage Quest available offsite through State Library of Kansas web page





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  1. My family lived in Kansas in the 1950’s,. I have some old documents and pictures that I would like to give to some Kansas society. Is this possible? I live out of the US so would have to wait until I go there to mail them to you.

    1. Carlene,

      Many societies and archives accept these types of physical donations. You’ll want to email them directly at: with your query.

      Best with your family history work!



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