Katholische Archive is the official website for the Catholic Archives of Germany. There are 27 Diocesan Archives in addition to a Military Archive in Germany that make up the Katholische Archive. Each of these Archives is responsible for many parishes.


Archives will hold church books including baptism books, marriage books, and death books. There are also confirmation books, first communion books, family books, and other records. These official books are available for all (former) parishes, and aside from a few losses, and there are over 100,000 of these books in Germany. If you’re unable to visit in person, it’s possible to request record lookups for a fee.


The laws in Germany require books be kept private for:

Christening books: 120 years after birth/baptism

Marriage books: 100 years after marriage

Death books: 40 years after death (You can’t be presented with the whole death book until 100 years after the date of the last entry but you can request individual death information from a book.)

Catholic Diocesan Archives in Germany include:

  • Aachen and Aachen records and links

  • Augsburg  and Augsburg records and links

  • Bamberg and Bamberg records and links

  • Berlin and Berlin records and links

  • Dresden-Meissen and Dresden-Meissen records and links

  • Eichstätt and Eichstätt records and links

  • Erfurt and Erfurt records and links

  • Essen and Essen records and links

  • Freiburg and Freiburg records and links

  • Fulda and Fulda records and links

  • Görlitz and Görlitz records and links

  • Hamburg and Hamburg records and links

  • Hildesheim and Hildesheim records and links

  • Cologne and Cologne records and links

  • Limburg and Limburg records and links

  • Magdeburg and Magdeburg records and links

  • Mainz and Mainz records and links

  • Munich and Freising and Munich and Freising records and links

  • Muenster and Muenster records and links

  • Osnabrück and Osnabrück records and links

  • Paderborn and Paderborn records and links

  • Passau and Passau records and links

  • Regensburg and Regensburg records and links

  • Rottenburg-Stuttgart and Rottenburg-Stuttgart records and links

  • Speyer and Speyer records and links

  • Trier and Trier records and links

  • Würzburg and Würzburg records and links

  • Katholische Militärseelsorge or the Archive of the Catholic Military Bishop for the German Armed Forces


9 responses to “Katholische Archive – Catholic Archives of Germany”

  1. Looking for parents and siblings of John Jacob Roeschlein born 4 May 1873- 1951. Born in Nurnberg, Germany.
    Would you know how to get this information? Or someone to help?

    1. Nicole,

      We are not a professional genealogists but you can call the FamilySearch Family History Customer Service, 1-866-406-1830, and they will either help you online or direct you to a local Family History Center library: https://www.familysearch.org/help/fhcenters/locations/ where volunteers (Family History Consultants) will help you for free. During the Covid-19 quarantines, local Family History Centers’ hours/opening vary by location, but they will put you in touch with free consultants who can help you get started on your search.

      Best with your research!


  2. I would like to know where the 1650 to 1720 baptism, marriage & death Catholic records of Rödersheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) and neaby towns are kept and how can I contact them about searches therein. FamilySearch has a limited range of years copied. But I need to find out what years exist in such towns since perhaps FamilySearch has not copied all the years.

    1. I would recommend emailing provinzarchiv@augustiner.de with your question. Based on the records FamilySearch was able to copy, your dates may be beyond what the archive can provide. Best of luck!

  3. Looking for ancesters of Johann Locher/Lecher b ca 1705 believed to be Horchheim but not yet proven.
    There are documents from the Boppard Archives for his progeny. We are looking for parents, etc.
    Unfortunately, Family Search has very few with a proven connection.

    I am writing from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

  4. Hello,
    I’m looking for information regarding my grand mother Stefanie Lyczko. She had my mother in an unmarried mothers’s home the Olgakrippe in Heilbronn, Baden Weuttemberg , Germany in 1926. I have no details about her birthdate or where else she lived. The Olgakrippe at that time was operated by the Catholic Church. I would like to know if she had any other family .
    Regards Barbara

  5. Looking for ancestors in Bamberg, Memmelsdorf, Steinfeld – general Bamberg area. I went to the city archives when I was there, but was told I have to contact the Archdioses of Bamberg.

    1. Deb,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. You can contact the Archdiocese of Bamberg using this contact information:
      Archives of the Archdiocese of Bamberg
      Postal address:
      PO Box 10 02 61
      96054 Bamberg

      Visitor address:
      Regensburger Ring 2
      96047 Bamberg

      0951 502-2520
      0951 502-2533 (reading room)
      E-mail: archiv@erzbistum-bamberg.de
      Website: https://archiv.kirche-bamberg.de

      Best with your research,



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