Katholische Archive is the official website for the Catholic Archives of Germany. There are 27 Diocesan Archives in addition to a Military Archive in Germany that make up the Katholische Archive. Each of these Archives is responsible for many parishes.

Archives will hold church books including baptism books, marriage books, and death books. There are also confirmation books, first communion books, family books, and other records. These official books are available for all (former) parishes, and aside from a few losses, and there are over 100,000 of these books in Germany. If you’re unable to visit in person, it’s possible to request record lookups for a fee.

The laws in Germany require books be kept private for:

Christening books: 120 years after birth/baptism

Marriage books: 100 years after marriage

Death books: 40 years after death (You can’t be presented with the whole death book until 100 years after the date of the last entry but you can request individual death information from a book.)

Catholic Diocesan Archives in Germany include:


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