The Klaipėda Regional State Archives (Li: Klaipėdos krašto valstybinis archyvas) is one of the Regional State Archives in Lithuania.


There are two branches of this archive:

The Klaipėda Regional State Archives, Tauragė Branch
Gaurės 4a, 72329 Tauragė,
Phone | +370 446 62 021
Fax | +370 446 62 027
Email |

The Klaipėda Regional State Archives, Telšiai Branch
Sedos 12, 87112 Telšiai,
Phone | +370 444 52 802
Fax |  +370 444 52 802
Email |

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The Klaipėda Regional State Archives preserves documents of regional state, municipal, non-state institutions and individuals of the Telšiai, Akmenė, Mažeikiai, and Plungė districts from 1945 until the present day. Archives is also involved in supervision of records management of local public institutions.[/su_box]
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The Klaipėda Regional State Archives has two sets of documents:

    • Documents relating to the Soviet occupation period: documents created by local governments that were functioning on the territory of Telšiai County before 1990; institutions of law and order, justice, statistics, planning, finance, construction, architecture, transport, trade and cooperation, teaching and education, culture, health care; also industrial enterprises and public institutions.
    • Documents relating to the period of Independence: documents created by local governments, state institutions, offices and industrial enterprises that were functioning and are still functioning on the territory of Telšiai County since 1990; documents submitted by public organisations, legal and natural persons.

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Any digitized records of the Klaipėda Regional State Archives will be hosted at the National Library site,

You can see any online collections from this archive by using the advanced search window  at and filtering search results by “Lietuvos valstybės istorigjos archyvas” or use the Search field and filter by one of the locations (with or without the diacritics) overseen by this archive (Telšiai, Akmenė, Mažeikiai, and Plungė).
ePaveldas advanced search window at National Library of Lithuania online portal listed at OnGenealogy
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