This is a list of free Kyrgyzstan Genealogy Records online at FamilySearch.


Included are Kyrgyzstan birth, marriage, & death records, maps, and more. We’ll continue to add more collections available online at FamilySearch. If you’re looking for onsite collections, visit their website & catalog.


These collections are all free to search. Due to contractual obligations, you’ll need to be logged in with a free FamilySearch account to view some of these records.  If you follow the link and find the record is locked, login to FamilySearch on your computer and this may unlock the collection.




How to View the Collections

  1. Some links take you straight to the collection.

  2. Other links take you to a catalog description page where you will have to select the link.

    • Look for a camera icon and select that icon

    • or look for red print and select “here”

  3. If there is a key icon FamilySearch key icon over camera icon above the camera, this collection may be digitized and online, but you will either have to be signed in to your account at FamilySearch or they may need to be viewed at your local family history center or affiliate library. Find the nearest viewing center near you.

  4. In a few cases, the collection may be in queue to be digitized and you’ll need to check back at a later date.





Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Kyrgyzstan Birth, Marriage, & Death Records


Kyrgyzstan Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

Chuĭ, Alamudun, Bishkek –  Метрические книги : Николаевская церковь, 1886-1900

Chuĭ, Moskva, Belovodskoe – Метрические книги : Михаило-Архангельская церковь, 1884-1900

Issyk-Kul′, Aksuu, Karakol – Метрические книги : Троицкая церковь, 1884-1899

Issyk-Kul′, Dzhetioguz, Pokrovka – Метрические книги : Покровская церковь, 1899

Issyk-Kul′, Issyk-Kul′, Anan′evo – Метрические книги : Николаевская церковь, 1884-1890

Issyk-Kul′, Ti︠u︡p, Ti︠u︡p – Метрические книги : Казанско-Богородицкая церковь, 1884-1899

Naryn, Naryn, Naryn Метрические книги : Николаевский молитвенный дом, 1884-1890




Kyrgyzstan – Cities of the dead: the ancestral cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan















Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Kyrgyzstan Daily Life Records



Description & Travel

Kyrgyzstan – In the Kirghiz steppes




Kyrgyzstan – Keldeĭ

Kyrgyzstan – Kesek : sanzhyra zhana tarykh

Kyrgyzstan – Nakaĭ : tarykh zhana sanzhyra

Kyrgyzstan – Nemt︠s︡y v Kyrgyzstane : 1880-1990 gg.




Kyrgyzstan – Keldeĭ

Kyrgyzstan – Kesek : sanzhyra zhana tarykh

Kyrgyzstan – Nakaĭ : tarykh zhana sanzhyra






Kyrgyzstan – Historical dictionary of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan – Nemt︠s︡y v Kyrgyzstane : 1880-1990 gg.




Kyrgyzstan – Kirghiz manual











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