L²Innovations has editable family trees using new Frixion erasable pens. They sell an L²Scrollio which is a set of self-retracting rollers that hold a length of fabric between them. Pre-printed family tree templates are printed on the fabric using a digital textile dye-sublimation printing process. The kit includes two special friction-erasable pens.


The Scroll Genie provides a creative solution to common roadblocks and constraints of printed products on the market today. It creatively addresses FIVE problems and roadblocks researchers experience today.

  • Simple, visual quick reference tool. No more taping pieces of paper together.

  • Lightweight and travel-friendly. No more heavy binders and cumbersome posters.

  • Low-tech and user-friendly. No more reliance on the internet connectivity or computer skills development.

  • Editable and iterative in nature. No more eraser marks, smudges, or paper damage when making notes and editing.

  • High quality, archival printing without added expense. No more fading ink or discoloring paper over time.


L² Innovations also has custom, printable family trees starting at $250.



L2Innovations editable family tree with Frixion pens


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