LegacyArmour stores and encrypts your estate planning documents and other records and delivers them to a recipient based on date, death, or incapacitation. These records may include wills, health directives, financial accounts, social media accounts, DNA accounts, and other physical and digital assets.

They check the vault owner’s Social Security number against current social security death lists and send the vault owner a text or email if needed to confirm death or disability. If no one responds to the message within a certain period of time, they use Artificial Intelligence to look at any digital activity by the vault owner and if necessary, contact the designated executor or beneficiary to alert them to the existence of the owner’s vault.
Legacy Armour also sells US Legal Forms for by state with documents including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, and more.


LegacyArmour offers a free trial which includes:

  • Lawyer approved Estate Planning Documents included.
  • Legacy Planning Checklist tracks your progress.
  • Secure Encrypted Vaults secure your information with personalized messages for each recipient.
  • Automatic Delivery to recipients based on a chosen date or life monitoring.
  • Wallet card to grant EMS access to your Health Vault containing your health information.
  • Life Insurance Quoter tool to receive competitive insurance quotes from dozens of carriers.
  • Encrypted vaults to secure documents
  • Integrated malware scan before uploads
  • Encrypted vaults cannot be decrypted by a 3rd party
  • Automatic delivery of documents to designated recipients
  • Personalized messages for each recipient
  • Custom vault passphrase for each recipient to protect data when it is delivered
  • Delivery based on date, death or incapacitation
  • Annual reminders to keep recipient information up-to-date
  • Instructions for website credentials and social media accounts for each department vault



LegacyArmour for individuals costs $80/year.

LegacyArmour for professionals starts at $5/mo per client or $329/month per advisor.



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