The Lithuanian Archives consist of:


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The digitized collections of all Lithuanian Archives are hosted at

Here is a link to all the digitized collections of the Lithuanian Archives, overseen by the Chief Archivist of Lithuania.

You can filter search results by time period, place, and more using the filters in the side-bar.[/su_box]
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If you don’t want to use the direct link provided above, you can search the collections by typing a query (in Lithuanian) into the red search window at and then copy and paste search results into Google Translate if you need a translation. You can also type your query into Google Translate, get the Lithuanian translation, and use that for your query at
ePaveldas online search for the Lithuanian National Library listed at OnGenealogy
[su_box title=”HINT:” box_color=”#60b21c” title_color=”#070706″ radius=”2″]You can copy and paste text into Google Translate if you can’t read the original language. For some documents you may want to let Google Translate auto-detect the language because it may be Lithuanian, Russian, etc.[/su_box]
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Hours vary by archive
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed[/su_service]


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