Lodz is one of 16 provinces or voivodeships (Polish: wojewodztwo) in Poland. Here are some helps for finding Lodz Poland Online Genealogy Records.



  • State Archive in Lodz (Polish: Archiwum Państwowe w Łodzi) Lodz (city with county rights), district zgierski, Łódź East County: municipalities Andrespol, Brójce, Nowosolna, Rzgow, Pabianicki district: City Konstantynów Lodz, Pabianice; Ksawerow commune, Pabianice

  • Branch in Sieradz (Polish: Oddział w Sieradzu) district of łaski; district sieradzki; district Wielun, Zduńska Wola district; Bełchatów district: municipality Rusiec; Pajęczno district: municipalities Działoszyn Kiełczygów, Siemkowice, poddębicki district: municipalities Dalików, Poddebice, Pęczniew, Wartkowice, Zadzim; Wieruszów district: municipality Lututów; pabianicki district municipalities of Dobron, Lutomiersk

  • State Archive in Kalisz area municipalities Boleslawiec, Czastary, Galewice, Lubnice, and Sokolniki Wieruszów district wieruszowskiego.

  • State Archive in Piotrkow  cities and towns Piotrkow Trybunalski, all municipalities belonging to the districts of Piotrkow and Tomaszow, Belchatow and municipalities Belchatow, Drużbice, Kleszczów, Kluki Szczerców and Zelow county Bełchatów, municipalities: Koluszki and Tuszyn county the Lodz eastern municipalities of Bialaczow, Mniszków, Opoczno, Paradyż, Poświętne, Sławno and Żarnów county Opoczno, municipalities Dłutów county pabianicki; municipalities in Rząśnia and Sulmierzyce county pajęczańskiego, Radomsko city and the municipalities of Dobryszyce, Gomunice, Kamieńsk, Kobiele big, Kodrąb, Lgota United, Ładzice, Gmina Masłowice, Przedborz, and Wielgomłyny Radomsko Radomsko county.

  • State Archive in Plock  Kutno and municipalities of Bedlno, Dąbrowice, Krośniewice, Krzyżanów, Kutno, Łanięta, New Ostrowy, Oporow, Strzelce, Żychlin Kutno district, cities and municipalities of Łęczyca: Daszyna, Mount St. Margaret Łęczyca, Friday, Witonia Le.czyca county.

  • State Archive in Poznan municipalities Uniejow, Poddębicki county, the municipalities of Grabow and Świnice Warckie Le.czyca county.

  • Archive m. St. Warszawy cities and towns of Skierniewice; counties of Brzezinski, Rawa and Skierniewice, Lowicz; cities and municipalities of Bielawa, Gmina Chąśno, Domaniewice, Kocierzew South, Lowicz, Łyszkowice, Nieborow and Zduny Łowicz county.

  • Archiwum Archidiecezjalne w Łodzi (Archdiocesan Archives Lodz) parish records from 1500-2000, list of collections (Catholic Archives Lodz)

  • Poland Archives and Free Polish Genealogy Records Online – Chart




  • Geneteka (Polish Genealogical Society database) free indexed church and civil records for Lodz Poland

  • GenBaza (registration is free) – free online images/scans for Lodz Poland online genealogy. Scans for Grodzisk do not require any registration but you’ll need to register to view scans from other areas. The site is in Polish and you can copy and paste to translate.google.com if you need translation help

  • Wielkopolska Genealogical Society indexing project – free indexed records for Lodz Poland from BaSIA scans

    • Kleszczów baptisms, marriages, deaths; Dłutów baptisms, births, marriages, deaths

  • Szukakawarchiwach.pl – free Online Images/Scans from Official State Archives site, Szukakawarchiwach.pl, or Szukaka w Archiwach (English: Search the Archives)

    • scans added regularly, currently, civil and church birth, marriage, and death registries are not scanned but check back frequently

  • Rahvusarhiiv, the Estonian National Archives, has digitized records online including several books relating to Poland (follow Rahvusarhiiv on Facebook). The indexes are free to view but there is a 15 euro fee to register and view digital images online. The site is in Estonian and you can copy and paste to www.translate.google.com for interpretations.

    • Lutheran congregations personal name index books Polish maiden name, EAA.1259.1.318, Evangelical Lutheran Church Nõo church and personal book. Tähtvere Keeri, Karlova, Unipiha, Uderna, Parish church, schoolhouse, 1838, 1913, 398 …

    • Lutheran congregations personal name index books Polish First name / household: Elisabeth TLA.1359.2.25, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tallinn St. Charles church, and I personally pihtkonna second book, p 798-1047, 1883, 1907, 1009. Add.

    • Polish students of the University of Tartu. Selection of the most renowned in Poland from the personal files of students from 19 to 20th century. Estica. The choice of materials and asserted the Estonian foreign …









  • Szukakawarchiwach.pl online images for these collections from State Archives in Lodz:

    • Lodz administration records during WWI

    • Jews in the Lodz Ghetto 1940-1944

    • Management Board of the Warsaw Ghetto 1939-1945

    • Construction projects in Lodz, 1867-1918, commercial and private, official records




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