Echoes of Madison, the Madison County Genealogical Society website, has a published database by Jan Plemmons of Madison County Obituaries ( from The Record and The French Broad News.  The obituaries are organized in alphabetical order.

“Obituaries from The Record are noted by “MCR” and those from The French Broad News are noted by “FBN” on individual obituaries.  The date on the obituary is the date of publication.  In addition, Jan has added the given names of women are identified in the obituary by Mrs. [husband’s name] and she also identified the maiden name where she was able to determine it.  Needless to say, a phenomenal amount of research and scanning has gone into this project, and we are eternally grateful to Jan for sharing it with us!”

“Several other generous researchers have contributed to this page as well.  These include Ken Reeves, Ruth Guthrie, Skip Storey, Gary McElroy, Bertie Fore, Ruth Ann Lewis, Garnette Sprinkle, and Nan Ballard.  We thank all of our contributors for making this a such a great addition to our website.”


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