Free Manitoba birth records, free Manitoba death records, and free Manitoba marriage records can be viewed online a the Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency. While the records are free to view, if you want a certified copy of the record there’s a $12.00 fee. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Search window.

“Over the years, the data collected on registration forms has changed. The older records have less information available. The database contains limited information. For example, many of the records do not contain the father’s name on a birth. The database may also have records that contain incomplete, missing, or incorrect information that occurred during the data conversion project where information from paper registration forms were entered into the electronic database”

The Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency is the official Manitoba government records site for all types of vital statistics and the site has request forms for any records requests.


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  1. I legally adopted my nephew in 2009. I started the process in Canada but moved to the states to work where the adoption was finalized. He is now 19 and needs his birth certificate with the name change. I was not aware until today. How do I make this happen?


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