Marco Polo is a video messaging app you can use to stay connected with family and friends. Both people need to have the app on their phone/device in order to communicate this way.


With the Marco Polo app, one person selects a person they want to contact in the app, then they record a message to that person. The recipient gets an alert that they have a new “Polo” or message and they can respond by recording their own short video and sending it back.


Video messaging adds an additional layer of communication. You can read people’s body language and get a better feel for their mood and what they’re trying to communicate. It’s more personal than mere words on a screen. And people can check their Marco Polo video messages when it’s convenient for them. Similar to text messages, a Marco Polo doesn’t have to interrupt another person’s schedule. Visit the Marco Polo site or YouTube channel for some stories about how people are using this app to stay connected with family.




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