MemoryWeb is an app that allows you to tag and sort photos and create metadata that exports with the photo for archival purposes. The MemoryWeb app is available for iOS devices.


Some features of the MemoryWeb app:

  • find, upload, tag and sort photos;

  • explore their photos in endless ways through cool views and interactive DOT-TAGTM links;

  • beyond basic sharing, letting people jointly add stuff (comments, more photos, etc.) to photo collections they want to build and share with others;

  • an easier way to add/edit tags to individual or multiple photos;

  • automatically creating and sending customized memory collections directly to people; and

  • making metadata easyTM by allowing all the context created by or in MemoryWeb to be exported outside of the app in the form of EXIF and IPTC data.

With MemoryWeb you can gather photos from multiple sources through a sync feature, and with all your photos in the app you can edit tags or add new ones, you can have metadata attached to the photo or for sites that don’t read metadata, you can have it stamped and attached below the photo, and all exported photos contain the file’s EXIF and IPTC metadata fields.

MemoryWeb has several pricing plans, ranging from free, to $29.95/month for a 5TB plan. If you have more than 5TB of storage they can accommodate your needs.


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