The Michigan Biographical Index “is a cumulative full-name index merging many Michigan publications and manuscripts. To access the index, click on the first letter of their surname at the left.”

“If there is an Available OnLine link, the source is available online for free. There are no sources available for viewing within this website, but these are authorized links, used by permission of the copyright holder. Click on the link (and remember the page number you have referenced).”

“If there is a Purchase Info link, this means the source is available for purchase, either new or in used condition. There are no sources for sale at this website, but these are links to authorized sellers on the web. (If there is no link, the source is either out-of-print, or possibly a one-of-a-kind manuscript that has never been published. Contact me at my email address for the location of these sources). Click on the link to purchase the book for your own collection or to donate to your local library.”


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