Michigan Funeral Home Records online may include funeral home or mortuary records, funeral programs, burial insurance records and more. These records contain information related to death and burial such as:


  • name of the deceased

  • death certificate

  • death date and place

  • burial date and place

  • birth date and place

  • copy of the obituary

  • name of informant (often a relative)

  • residence of deceased

  • list of surviving relatives

  • residences of relatives

  • funeral program including speakers and pall bearers

  • biographical information for the deceased

  • burial insurance


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Michigan Funeral Home Records online at the federal level

US – Mortuary Records – United States, Panama Canal Zone, Index to the Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Registers, 1906-1991, index, at FS




Michigan Funeral Home Records online at the county level

Cass County – Funeral Homes – Lyon’s Funeral Home 1910-1966, at MGW

Cass County – Funeral Homes – McLauchlin Clark Funeral Home 1931-2002, at MGW

Genesee County – Vital Records – Names on Orders for Holy Cards : [delivered to Dodds-Dumanois & Company (funeral Home)], at FS

Lenawee County – Funeral Homes – White Bros. Funeral Home Records, 1905-1930, at USGWA

Macomb County – Funeral Homes – Macomb County Funeral Master Index, at MCPL

St. Joseph County – Funeral Homes – Haring Funeral Home Register of Funerals : St. Joseph County, Michigan, at FS




Michigan Funeral Home Records online at the city level

Battle Creek – Funeral Homes – Farley-Estes-Dowdle Funeral Home Records, 1886-1900, at MGW

Detroit – Funeral Homes – Watia Funeral Home 1918-1970, at FU

East Tawas – Funeral Homes – Index to the Iosco County Michigan Funeral Records: 1896-1972, at FS

Farmington – Funeral Homes – Thayer-Rock Funeral Records, at FGS

Fenton – Funeral Homes – Davis-Graham Funeral Home Records, at FHS

Grand Rapids – Funeral Homes – Birdsall Funeral Home Records Volumes 1-7, 1912-1938, at MGW

Grand Rapids – Funeral Homes – Spring Funeral Home Records, Volume 16, 1948-1952, at MGW

Hastings – Funeral Homes – Charles H. Leonard Funeral Home Records, 1940-ca. 1964, at ACPL

Ithaca – Funeral Homes – Funeral Records, 1902-1982, at FS

Ludington – Funeral Homes – Magmer Funeral Home Funeral Register, 1912-1916, at FS

Ludington – Funeral Homes – Rye Funeral Home Funeral Register, 1907-1909, 1917-1928, at FS

Marquette – Funeral Homes – Funeral Records, 1896-1958, at FS

Middleton – Funeral Homes – Record of Funerals, 1913-1923, at FS

North Adams – Funeral Homes – Funeral Records, 1875-1911, at FS

Plymouth – Funeral Homes – Schrader Brothers Funeral Home Records, 1901-1920, at PH

Temperance – Funeral Homes – Farnham Funeral Home Records 1921 – 2006,  at MPL

Temperance – Funeral Homes – Karcher (Cioroch) Funeral Home Records 1969 – 1981 , at MPL

Temperance – Funeral Homes – Jane Eisenmann Obituary Collection, at MPL 

Temperance – Funeral Homes – Reeb Funeral Home Records 1983 – 1997, at MPL 

Temperance – Funeral Homes – Whiteford Circuit Record of Funerals 1937-1945, at MPL

Three Rivers – Funeral Homes – Haring Funeral Home, Three Rivers, Michigan, at FS

Wayland – Funeral Homes – Archer-Hampel Funeral Records, at FS

Wyandotte – Funeral Homes – Burial Records, 1921-1995, at FS

Grand Rapids – Funeral Homes – Latzek Funeral Home 1903-1962, An index to the Registers of the Latzek Funeral Home in Grand Rapids from 1903 – 1962. If you search it and find a record that is of interest to you, we can provide a hand written transcript of it from the book. See the Search Results page for full details., at WMGS


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