The Monmouth County Archives in Monmouth County, New Jersey has online collections for genealogy research.


Visitors can also use the Open Public Records Search (OPRS) System to find online digitized documents.


Civil War Muster Lists, 1861-1865

Certificates of Incorporation, 1833-1995

Coroner Inquests, 1786-1915

Exempt Firemen, 1871-2018

Hotel Trade Names, 1906-1913; 1931-1970

Illegitimate Children, 1734-1897

Insolvent Debtors, 1755-1898

Marriage Returns, 1684-1892

Name Changes, 1881-1996

Naturalizations, 1804-1906

Naturalizations, 1907-1991

Naturalization Transfers, 1957-1983

Naturalizations Women’s Applications for Oaths, 1941-1966

Naturalizations WWI Military Petitions, 1918-1919

Overseers of the Poor, 1754-1911

Tavern Applications, 1736-1919

Slave Births, 1804-1848 (in OPRS)

Slave Manumissions, 1787-1844 (in OPRS)


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