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Residence Records


County Histories

County Histories of Montana – These locally-produced books of 100-1000 pages contain the rich, detailed stories of small Montana communities from the homestead era and beyond. Fully searchable by keyword, the books include family histories, photographs, maps, diary excerpts, letters, and first-hand recollections of significant events. This growing collection currently covers 29 of Montana’s 56 counties.




Montana Place Names Explore this zoomable map to learn the origins of Montana place names, from Alzada to Zortman.

Mapping Montana and the West – Research Montana and the West using maps from the collections of various institutions throughout the state of Montana, including contributions from the Montana Historical Society Research Center and The University of Montana Mansfield Library. This collection includes everything from territorial maps to present day topographic maps. Institutions are always adding new content, so check back often.






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Daily Life Records


African American & Slavery

Montana’s African American Heritage Resources is a gateway for exploring this understudies aspect of Montana history. Select the For Teachers tab to find a PowerPoint presentation and script, Profiles of African American Montanans, and two model lesson plans for ways to use the site with your students: Overcoming Prejudice (grades 4-6) and Creation of a Community (grades 7-9).

African Americans in Montana and the West Montana The Magazine of Western History Digital Issue, Summer 2020
Black history matters. This special digital issue of Montana The Magazine of Western History focuses on African American history in Montana and the diversity of Black experiences in the West. We draw attention to this history with a selection of articles from the past twenty-five years of Montana The Magazine of Western History, excerpts from two MHS Press books, and a new essay from Herbert Ruffin II on the state of the field.

Montana’s African American Heritage Places – The Montana’s African American Heritage Places collection consists of histories, photographs, and architectural descriptions of properties across the state associated with African American history. Although African Americans never totaled more than one percent of the state’s population, they have been in the place that would become Montana since the earliest days of non-Indian presence and contributed greatly to Montana’s culture, economy, and religious life. Each corner of the state has significant stories to tell about the African American experience in the West. From 2014-2016, the Montana Historical Society oversaw the survey of 51 historic properties – 26 in Helena and 25 in other communities – and created Historic Property Record forms for each. These forms constitute this collection.



Business & Industry

Home Ground Radio Interviews Collection – Home Ground Radio Interviews Collection consists of digitally recorded interviews conducted by Brian Kahn on the Home Ground Radio program between 1996 and 2016. Topics covered in the interviews range from the economy, religion, education, the judicial system, wildlife, medicine, the timber industry, conservation, agriculture, among other topics.

Livestock Brand Registrations for Montana – This 60,000-page collection of historical livestock brands encompasses the beginning of brand registrations in Montana in 1873 and includes new brand registrations, transfers, and re-registrations. Starting in 1911 brands were registered for a period of 10 years and were re-registered at the start of each decade (1921,1931, etc.). The original records were compiled by the Brands Enforcement Division of the Montana Department of Livestock and digitized by the Montana Historical Society. The online collection contains records from 1873-1980 and 2001-2010. ​

Montana Foodways – Richland and Roosevelt Counties – Food production, preparation and consumption–especially eating together—is essential to the formation of communities. For most women in early Montana, food occupied their days. They grew gardens, preserved fruits, vegetables, and meats, and cooked in all conditions. Explore this collection to view the artifacts, recipes, and document that reveal the relationship between women, food and community in eastern Montana.




Evelyn Cameron Diaries – Evelyn J. Cameron was a pioneer photographer and rancher in eastern Montana. Originally from England, she moved to Montana with her husband Ewen in 1893. Evelyn kept extensive diaries from 1893 until her death in 1928. The diaries (35 in total) presented here chronicle her daily life including books she read, chores, lists of letters written and received, local and national events, photographs taken, social activities, verbatim copies of special letters, and weather. The diaries also include innumerable tidbits of information that reveal the fabric of her life and by extension that of many women in eastern Montana at the time. For instance, her diaries include the number of eggs gathered and chickens killed per month; notes on the amount of butter she churned; methods of skinning a coyote and breaking a horse; accounts of money made from her photos and garden produce; lists of supplies; and Evelyn’s favorite poems and quotes. In order to make ends meet Evelyn also became an accomplished photographer, working for hire for local families wanting to records special events. Her images capture the surprising ethnic and cultural diversity that marked life in the Terry, Montana area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The diaries record when and where she took images, for whom, why and on what occasions, and what her thoughts were at the time. Taken together the images and diaries provide wonderful insights into the life of early eastern Montana ranch families.

Letters, Diaries and Documents from the Montana Historical Society – Research Montana’s rich history using materials from the collections of the Archives at the Montana Historical Society. This collection includes digitized manuscript materials like diaries and letters, as well as the records of government agencies, corporations and organizations. Collection strengths include documentation of state and local government, 19th century businesses, overland journeys, mines and mining, political figures, national parks, wilderness and environmental issues, fraternal and/or service clubs, and women’s history. Check back regularly for new materials being added to this collection.

Montana Historical Society Civil War Era Diaries and Correspondence – Montana Territory was formed during the waning months of the Civil War, but her people, politics, culture and subsequent history are steeped in the issues of the war and the tumultuous period that followed. These records consist of wartime diaries, letters, and reminiscences that share the experiences, thoughts and daily lives of those who came to the region during the 1860s. Some came directly as a result of the upheaval, some to rebuild lives, and others to simply make money and return home. The issues and ideas presented through these records form a bedrock for Montanan’s to understand the beginnings of the territory, its role on the regional/national stage, and especially the beginnings of the state’s earliest communities.

Mydas Capps Zieg Diaries – Diaries (1920-1997) kept by Mydas Capps Zieg, teacher and Missoula County Deputy Superintendent of Schools. The diaries include descriptions of Zieg’s daily life as a teen; a flapper in the 1920s; college life; teaching in Rapelje, Montana




National Register of Historic Places Signtext




Montana Council of Defense Records – The membership of the Montana Council of Defense, established in response to an executive order by President Woodrow Wilson, was initially appointed by Governor Sam Stewart. Challenges to their authority however led Stewart to call a special session of the legislature in February 1918. The legislature officially established the Council in on February 20, 1918 and empowered it to “do all acts and things not inconsistent with the Constitution of laws of the State of Montana, or of the United States, which are necessary of proper for the public safety and for the protection of life and public property… and things necessary or proper so that the military, civil and industrial resources of the State may be most efficiently applied toward maintenance of the defense of the State and nation… “ The Council first concerned itself with agricultural production and boosting enthusiasm for the war to counteract Montana’s strongly anti-war labor unions, radical farmers, and large immigrant population. The war propaganda campaign however gradually led to the suppression of all dissent with which the Council eventually became identified. With the Armistice signed in November 1918, the Council quickly ceased active functioning although it was not formally dissolved until July 1921 after the United States had signed a treaty with Germany.




Historic Montana is a website and mobile app to help you discover Montana’s rich cultural resources. Curated by the Montana Historical Society, Historic Montana shares the history and architecture of selected buildings, neighborhoods, and cultural sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the nation’s official list of cultural resources deemed worthy of preservation.



Libraries, Museums, & Archives

Montana Historical Society Museum Collections Online Explore selected objects and artwork held in trust by the Montana Historical Society, including the Charles M. Russell Collection.

Virtual Tours If you can’t make it to Helena, consider taking a virtual tour of the Capitol or the Original Governor’s Mansion.

Montana Historical Society Digital Vault

Moving Images on YouTube

Rosetta Kamlowsky Radio Interviews



Magazines & Periodicals

African Americans in Montana and the West Montana The Magazine of Western History Digital Issue, Summer 2020
Black history matters. This special digital issue of Montana The Magazine of Western History focuses on African American history in Montana and the diversity of Black experiences in the West. We draw attention to this history with a selection of articles from the past twenty-five years of Montana The Magazine of Western History, excerpts from two MHS Press books, and a new essay from Herbert Ruffin II on the state of the field.

Montana The  Magazine of Western History, 1951-2012, searchable index

Publications and Ephemera from the Montana Historical Society – Research Montana’s rich history using published materials from the collections of the Library at the Montana Historical Society. This collection includes pamphlets, posters, books, and state and federal documents. Check back regularly for new materials being added to this collection.



Manuscript Collections

Montana Memory The Montana Historical Society has added many photographs, documents, books, maps, audio, and other historical materials to this statewide project, including livestock brand records, military enlistment cards, and hundreds of photographs by esteemed eastern Montana photographers Evelyn Cameron and L. A. Huffman.

Appropriate, Curious, & Rare: Montana History Object by Object Objects from the past comprise the heart and soul of the Montana Historical Society. Individually, these items provide fascinating glimpses into the lives of earlier generations of Montanans. Together, however, the stories told by the hundreds of thousands of items that the Society holds in trust intertwine to form a rich tapestry illustrating our shared history. This online exhibit features only a few “appropriate, curious, and rare” gems from the Society’s vast collections. While each item is, in its own unique way, somehow outstanding, when considered together they help us better understand who we, as Montanans, are today, and how we got here.

Charles M. Russell Research Materials from the James B. Rankin Collection – James Brownlee Rankin–a New York and San Bernadino, California, teacher and historian–collected information concerning Montana artist Charles M. Russell in preparation for a Russell biography and an illustrated catalog of his work. The collection consists primarily of correspondence concerning Russell’s life and work as remembered by his friends, acquaintances, and art owners. This series, constituting eighty percent of the collection, is the most valuable for research on Russell and on ranching and cowboy life in the open range era. Many friends and acquaintances of Russell corresponded extensively with Rankin, and their reminiscences would have been the basis of his book. Other correspondents discussed the Russell paintings and sculpture in their collections. The letters also reflect the provenance of much of the artist’s work, kinds of shows that it appeared in, and methods by which it was acquired. The collection also contains photographs, clippings, and research notes. The Research Notes series of the collection contains listings of paintings, notes on interviews, and transcriptions of letters of Russell and others. Also, there are several photographs of pieces of Russell’s work owned by various institutions and individuals at that time. The collection is completed by a series of Clippings gathered by Rankin which generally concern Russell’s life.

Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co

Publications and Ephemera from the Montana Historical Society – Research Montana’s rich history using published materials from the collections of the Library at the Montana Historical Society. This collection includes pamphlets, posters, books, and state and federal documents. Check back regularly for new materials being added to this collection.


Digitized Newspapers Explore a small fraction of the Montana Historical Society’s newspaper holdings through two, freely accessible resources that offer almost 700,000 full-text pages from over 125 newspapers.


Hosted by Montana Newspapers

The Advocate, Baker, Mont., 1925-1926

Baker Sentinel, Baker, Mont., 1909-1925

Fallon County Times, Baker, Mont., 1916-current

The Fallonite, Baker, Mont., 1915-1916

Belt Mountain Miner, Barker, Mont., 1891-1894

Belt Valley Times, Belt, Mont., 1894-1977

The Benchland Advocate, Benchland, Mont., 191?-191?

The Benchland Weekly Advocate, Benchland, Mont., 1911-191?

The Bear Paw Mountaineer, Big Sandy, Mont., 1911-1921

The Mountaineer., Big Sandy, Mont., 1921-current

The Big Timber Pioneer, Big Timber, Mont., 1983-current

Big Timber Pioneer, Big Timber, Mont., 1890-1975

The Pioneer, Big Timber, Mont., 1975-1982

The Buzzer, Billings, Mont., 1955-1955

Eastern Highlights, Billings, Mont., 1964-1964

Eastern State, Billings, Mont., 1945-1946

Emcoe, Billings, Mont., 1949-1959

Pulp, Billings, Mont., 1970-1970

The Retort, Billings, Mont., 1955-2014

The Rimrock Echo, Billings, Mont., 1930-1943

Semcoe, Billings, Mont., 1954-1954

The Yellow Jacket, Billings, Mont., 1953-1953

You Name It, Billings, Mont., 1949-1949

The Powder River County Examiner, Broadus, Mont., 1935-1965

The Powder River County Examiner and the Broadus Independent, Broadus, Mont., 1919-1935

The Butte Miner, Butte, Mont., 18??-1928

Castle Mining Reporter, Castle, Mont., 1890-189?

The Castle News, Castle, Mont., 1888-1888

Castle Reporter, Castle, Mont., 189?-1893

Castle Tribune, Castle, Mont., 1891-1892

The Whole Truth, Castle, Mont., 1896-1898

The Choteau Acantha, Choteau, Mont., 1904-current

The Choteau Calumet, Choteau, Mont., 1885-1889

The Choteau Montanan, Choteau, Mont., 1913-1925

The Montanian, Choteau, Mont., 1890-1901

The Montanian and Chronicle, Choteau, Mont., 1901-1903

Teton Chronicle, Choteau, Mont., 1897-1901

The Columbian, Columbia Falls, Mont., 1891-1897

The Columbian, Columbia Falls, Mont., 1905-1925

Hendricks’ Columbian, Columbia Falls, Mont., 1903-1905

Daily Tribune-Examiner, Dillon, Mont., 1971-1973

The Dillon Daily Tribune, Dillon, Mont., 1941-1962

The Dillon Daily Tribune-Examiner, Dillon, Mont., 1962-1971

The Dillon Examiner, Dillon, Mont., 1891-1962

The Dillon Tribune, Dillon, Mont., 1881-1941

Dillon Tribune, Dillon, Mont., 1989-current

Dillon Tribune Examiner, Dillon, Mont., 1982-1989

The Monmal, Dillon, Mont., 1906-1918

The Montanomal, Dillon, Mont., 1926-1949

The Summer Script, Dillon, Mont, 1985-1985

Tribune-Examiner, Dillon, Mont., 1973-1982

Wescolite, Dillon, Mont, 1949-2009

The Western Wire, Dillon, Montana, 2002-2004

Char-Koosta, Dixon, Mont., 1971-1985

The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Mont., 1923-current

The Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, Mont., 1909-1920

The Ekalaka Eagle and Beaver Valley Press, Ekalaka, Mont., 1920-1922

Evergreen, Eureka, Mont., 1946-1968

Ksanka Annex, Eureka, Mont., 1940-1943

The River Press, Fort Benton, Mont., 1880-current

The Geraldine Review, Geraldine, Mont., 1913-1963

Geyser Judith Basin Times, Geyser, Mont., 1911-1920

Grass Range Review, Grass Range, Mont., 1912-1942

Great Falls Evening Leader, Great Falls, Mont., 1900-1909

The Great Falls Leader, Great Falls, Mont., 1888-1900

The Hardin Tribune, Hardin, Mont., 1908-1925

The Hardin Tribune-Herald, Hardin, Mont., 1925-1973

Mount Saint Charles Scholastic, Helena, Mont., 1912-1916

The Prospector, Helena, Mont., 1916-2015

Tumbleweed, Helena, Mont., 1975-1977

The Judith Basin Star, Hobson, Mont., 1908-1956

The Ismay, Ismay, Mont., 1908-1910

The Ismay Journal, Ismay, Mont., 1910-1933

Big Hole Breezes, Jackson, Mont., 1898-1915

Kendall Chronicle, Kendall, Mont., 1902-190?

The Kendall Miner, Kendall, Mont., 1905-191?

Fergus County Argus, Lewistown, Mont., 1886-1946

Fergus County Democrat, Lewistown, Mont., 1904-1919

The Melstone Graphic, Melstone, Mont., 1911-191?

The Melstone Messenger, Melstone, Mont., 1914-19??

The Daily Rustler, Miles City, Mont., 1883-1884

The Hellgate Lance, Missoula, Montana, 1964-current

The Independent, Moccasin, Mont., 1920-1924

The Inland Empire, Moore, Mont., 1905-1915

The Moore Independent, Moore, Mont., 1915-1931

Char-Koosta News, Pablo, Mont., 1985-current

Sanders County Democrat, Plains, Mont., 1909-1910

Sanders County Signal, Plains, Mont., 1906-1924

The Flathead Courier, Polson, Mont., 1910-current

The Lake Shore Sentinel, Polson, Mont., 1909-1911

Eyapi Oaye, Poplar, Mont., 1963-1966

Poplar Shopper, Poplar, Mont., 1970-2001

Wotanin, Poplar, Mont., 1970-1974

Wotanin Wowapi, Poplar, Mont., 1975-2007

Char-Koosta, Ronan?, Mont., 1956-19??

The Roundup Record, Roundup, Mont., 1908-1929

The Saco Independent, Saco, Mont., 19??-1971

Yellowstone Valley Star, Savage, Mont., 1910-192?

Judith Basin County Press, Stanford, Mont., 1920-1956

The Stanford World, Stanford, Mont., 1909-1920

The Mineral Independent, Superior, Mont., 1915-current

The Sanders County Independent-Ledger, Thompson Falls, Mont., 1918-1959

The Sanders County Ledger, Thompson Falls, Mont., 1905-1918

Sanders County Ledger, Thompson Falls, Mont., 1959-current

Weekly Montanian, Thompson Falls, Mont., 1894-1897

Crow Creek Journal, Toston, Mont., 1907-190?

Missouri Valley Index, Toston, Mont., 1913-191?

The Toston Times, Toston, Mont., 1923-192?

The Broadwater County Citizen, Townsend, Mont., 1904-1904

The Broadwater Opinion, Townsend, Mont., 19??-1914

The Townsend Forum, Townsend, Mont., 1900-1901

The Townsend Forum and Townsend Messenger, Townsend, Mont., 1901-1901

Townsend Inter-Mountain, Townsend, Mont., 1914-191?

The Townsend Messenger, Townsend, Mont., 1890-1901

Townsend Star, Townsend, Mont., 1897-current

Townsend Tranchant, Townsend, Mont., 188?-1890

The Madisonian, Virginia City, Mont., 1920-current

The Madisonian, Virginia City, Mont., 1873-1915

Madisonian Times, Virginia City, Mont., 1915-1920

Raider Rave, Winifred, MT, 2003-2011

Big Shot Bulletin, Winifred, MT, 1988-1988

Tourney Tattler, Winifred, MT, 1949-1950

The Pioneer, Winifred, MT, 1953-1953

The Raider Reporter, Winifred, MT, 1966-1987

Prairie Dog Chatter, Winifred, MT, 1937-1965

The Winifred Times, Winifred, MT, ????-????

The Winifred Times, Winifred, Mont., 1913-19??

The Winston Prospector, Winston, Mont., 1897-1899

Big Hole Basin News, Wisdom, Mont., 1912-1925

Little Rockies Miner, Zortman, Mont., 1907-19??


Hosted by Library of Congress

The Anaconda standard. [volume], Anaconda, Mont., 1889-1970

The avant courier., Bozeman, Mont., 1871-1872

Belt Valley times. [volume], Armington, Mont., 1894-1977

The Benton record. [volume], Benton, M.T. [Mont.], 1875-1879

The Benton weekly record. [volume], Benton, Mont., 1880-1885

The Billings gazette. [volume], Billings, Mont., 1896-1919

The Billings herald. [volume], Billings, Mont., 1882-1885

Bozeman avant courier. [volume], Bozeman, Mont., 1872-1882

The Bozeman courier., Bozeman, Mont., 1919-1954

The Bozeman weekly chronicle., Bozeman, Mont., 1883-1889

The Broadus independent. [volume], Broadus, Mont., 1918-1919

The Butte daily bulletin. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1918-1921

The Butte daily miner. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1885-18??

The Butte daily post. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1913-1961

The Butte inter mountain. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1901-1912

Butte semi-weekly miner. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1886-1890

The Carbon County chronicle. [volume], Red Lodge, Mont., 1924-1924

The Carbon County news. [volume], Red Lodge, Mont., 1924-1931

Carbon County news. [volume], Red Lodge, Mont., 1936-current

The Circle banner. [volume], Circle, Mont., 1914-1939

The Colored citizen. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1894-1894

Cut Bank pioneer press. [volume], Cut Bank, Mont., 1909-current

The daily enterprise. [volume], Livingston, Mont., 1883-1884

The daily gazette. [volume], Billings, Mont., 1885-1900

Daily inter mountain. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1881-1901

The daily miner. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1879-1885

The Daily Missoulian. [volume], Missoula, Mont., 1904-1961

Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume], Miles City, Mont., 1882-1893

The Dillon tribune. [volume], Dillon, Mont., 1881-1941

The Dupuyer acantha. [volume], Dupuyer, Mont., 1894-1904

The Ekalaka eagle. [volume], Ekalaka, Mont., 1909-1920

The enterprise. [volume], Harlem, Mont., 1899-1926

The Eureka mirror. [volume], Eureka, Mont., 1932-1942

Fergus County argus. [volume], Lewistown, Mont., 1886-1946

Fergus County Democrat. [volume], Lewistown, Mont., 1904-1919

The Fort Peck press. [volume], Fort Peck (Wheeler), Mont., 1934-193?

The Glasgow courier. [volume], Glasgow, Mont., 1913-current

Great Falls daily tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1895-1921

The Great Falls leader. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1888-1890

The Great Falls leader. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1888-1900

Great Falls tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1885-1890

Great Falls tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1887-1890

Great Falls tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1921-current

Great Falls weekly tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1894-1???

The Harlowton news. [volume], Harlowton, Mont., 1909-1914

The Havre herald. [volume], Havre, Mont., 1904-1908

The Helena independent. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1875-1943

Helena weekly herald. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1867-1900

Hungry Horse news and Columbian. [volume], Columbia Falls, Mont., 1946-1948

Hungry Horse news. [volume], Columbia Falls, Mont., 1948-current

Inverness news. [volume], Inverness, Mont., 1917-1918

Judith Gap journal. [volume], Judith Gap, Mont., 1908-19??

The Kalispell bee. [volume], Kalispell, Mont., 1900-192?

The Kalispell bee. [volume], Kalispell, Mont., 1901-1901

The Kevin courier., Kevin, Mont., 1922-1922

The Kevin review. [volume], Kevin, Mont., 1922-1929

Laurel outlook. [volume], Laurel, Mont., 1909-current

The Libby herald. [volume], Libby, Mont., 1911-1913

The Livingston enterprise. [volume], Livingston, Mont., 1883-1914

The Madisonian., Virginia City, Mont., 1873-1915

The Mineral argus. [volume], Maiden, Mont., 1883-1886

The Montana courier. [volume], Shelby, Mont., 1922-192?

Montana farmer-stockman. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1947-1993

Montana labor news. [volume], Butte, Mont., 19??-1951

Montana leader. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1918-1918

Montana news. [volume], Lewistown, Mont., 1904-191?

The Montana nonpartisan. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1918-192?

Montana oil and mining journal. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1931-1953

Montana oil journal., Great Falls, Mont., 192?-1931

The Montana plaindealer. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1906-1911

The Montana post. [volume], Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.], 1864-1869

The Neihart herald. [volume], Neihart, Mont., 1890-1901

The new age. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1902-190?

The new North-west. [volume], Deer Lodge, Mont., 1869-1897

The People’s voice. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1939-1969

The Philipsburg mail. [volume], Philipsburg, Mont., 1887-current

Plentywood herald. [volume], Plentywood, Mont., 1908-current

The Powder River County examiner and the Broadus independent. [volume], Broadus, Mont., 1919-1935

The producers news. [volume], Plentywood, Mont., 1918-1937

The Ravalli Republican. [volume], Stevensville, Mont., 1894-1899

Red Lodge daily news combined with Carbon County news. [volume], Red Lodge, Mont., 1931-1936

Red Lodge picket. [volume], Red Lodge, Mont., 1889-1907

The river press. [volume], Fort Benton, Mont., 1880-current

Rocky Mountain husbandman. [volume], Diamond City, Mont., 1875-1943

The Ronan pioneer. [volume], Ronan, Mont., 1910-1970

Rosebud County news. [volume], Forsyth, Mont., 1901-1906

The roundup record. [volume], Roundup, Mont., 1908-1929

The searchlight. [volume], Culbertson, Mont., 1902-current

The semi-weekly miner. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1882-1886

The semi-weekly tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1890-1891

The Sidney herald., Sidney, Mont., 1908-19??

The Suffrage daily news. [volume], Helena, Mont., 1914-191?

Sun River sun. [volume], Sun River, Mont., 1884-1885

The tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1890-1890

The weekly chronicle., Bozeman, Mont., 1883-1883

The weekly miner. [volume], Butte, Mont., 1878-1881

The weekly tribune. [volume], Great Falls, Mont., 1891-1894

Western news and the Libby times. [volume], Libby, Mont., 1920-1933

The Western news. [volume], Libby, Mont., 1933-current

The Western news. [volume], Stevensville, Mont., 1890-1977

The Whitefish pilot. [volume], Whitefish, Mont., 1904-current

The Wibaux pioneer. [volume], Wibaux, Mont., 1907-1919

The Wolf Point herald., Wolf Point, Mont., 1913-1940

The Yellowstone journal. [volume], Miles City, Mont., 1893-1901

Yellowstone monitor. [volume], Glendive, Mont., 1905-1928




Montana Memory The Montana Historical Society has added many photographs, documents, books, maps, audio, and other historical materials to this statewide project, including livestock brand records, military enlistment cards, and hundreds of photographs by esteemed eastern Montana photographers Evelyn Cameron and L. A. Huffman.

Relationships, Agency, and Power Dynamics: Photographers of the US West and Their Photographic ‘Subjects’ (The Bud Lake and Randy Brewer Collection) Explore this online exhibit featuring photographs of the Northern Cheyenne and Crow people taken from over a thousand images donated to the Montana Historical Society. The entire collection is available to view through the Montana Memory Project. Exhibit creator Jacey Anderson also created a scavenger hunt for your students as a Google Form. If you wish your students to complete the scavenger hunt, MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR OWN COPY of this form–otherwise, you will not be able to access your student answers. (If you have problems accessing or saving the scavenger hunt, email

Photographs from the Montana Historical Society – Learn about Montana’s rich history through these images—a sampling of the 500,000 photos in the collection of the Montana Historical Society Photograph Archives that illustrate the diverse history of the state and its people, as well as the beauty of its landscape.

Prisons & Prisoners

Montana State Prison Records 1869-1974




Community Cookbooks – A collection of historic cookbooks from various community organizations.




Women’s History Matters Created by the Montana Historical Society as part of a commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of women’s suffrage in Montana, Women’s History Matters promotes an increased appreciation and understanding of the role of women in the Treasure State’s past.






Military records Wars Veterans #OnGenealogy

Military Records


Montana and the Great War Created to commemorate the centennial of the U.S. entry into World War I, this site provides resources to investigate the war’s transformative and complicated legacy in our home state, including two lesson plansstory mapsdigitized articles, and a World War I scavenger hunt.

Military Enlistments (Montana), 1890-1918 – This digital collection is comprised of State of Montana enlistment cards for the Montana National Guard from 1890 to 1918, arranged alphabetically by surname. It

Military Enlistments (Montana), World War I – The bulk of this collection consists of WWI army enlistments, organized into groups by surname. The collection also includes marines, marine officers, and nurses, as well as dishonorable discharges, fraudulent enlistments, and enemy aliens. This card file is part of the Montana Adjutant General’s Office Records 1889-1959 (RS 223).

Military Enlistments (Montana), World War II – This collection consists of military enlistment records for World War II (1939-1945), arranged alphabetically by surname. All branches of military service are included together, with their respective branches marked on the individual cards. This card file is part of the Montana Adjutant Generals Office Records 1889-1959 (RS 223).



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