The Mount Desert Island Historical Society in Mount Desert, Maine has onsite and online records for family history research including surname files and genealogies, newspapers, photos, maps, land records, and more.


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Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Mount Desert Birth, Marriage, & Death Records


Birth Records, Marriage Records, & Death Records

see Names and Surnames below with Genealogy records




Mount Desert Island Cemeteries







Residence records and what they might include

Mount Desert Residence Records



Mount Desert Island Census Records


Land & Property

Mount Desert Island Deeds


Maps, Almanacs, & Gazetteers

Mount Desert Island Historic Place Names

Mount Desert Island Roads and Streets

Mount Desert Island Trails and Memorial Paths

Historic Maps of Mount Desert Island and Maine

Maps of Mount Desert Island at the Library of Congress

GPS Acadia

Historic USGS Maps of Mount Desert, Maine at the University of New Hampshire

Historic USGS Maps of Bar Harbor, Maine at the University of New Hampshire

1776, Mount Desert Island and the neighboring coast of Maine (Des Barres)

1808, Mount Desert Island Salem Towne Map

1860, Topographical map of Hancock County, Maine (Walling)

1885 Mount Desert and Adjacent Islands (George S. Colby)

1890, Mount Desert Island and the Coast of Maine

1893, Map of Mount Desert Island, Maine (Edward L. Rand)

1896 – 1911 Path Map Eastern part of Mount Desert Island (Leventhal Map center)

1897 Plan of Bar Harbor Mount Desert Island, Maine (Colby)

1903 Sanborn Bar Harbor downtown map

1904 Map of Bar Harbor, Maine (Summer Residents Association)

1916, Sieur de Monts National Monument

1917, Map of Mount Desert Island, Maine (Waldron Bates)

1970, A Map of The Maine Coast from Rockland, thru Schoodic, to Corea



Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Mount Desert Daily Life Records



Books and Documents



Buildings, dwellings, etc

Mount Desert Island Hotels, Boarding Houses, and Tourist Homes

Mount Desert Island Public Buildings

Mount Desert Island Houses and Outbuildings

Mount Desert Island Cottages



Business Records, Commerce, Officials, & Employment

Businesses and Professions on Mount Desert Island




Mount Desert Historical Society Genealogy — see surnames below for Mount Desert Island Families being researched



Government, Politics, Town Records

Mount Desert Island Town Records





Names & Surnames

Abbott | Ahlblad |Albee/Allby | Allen | Alley | Andrews | Arnold | Ash | Atherton | Babson | Baer | Baldwin| Bartlett | Bernardini | Berry | Benson | Beverage | Bickford | Billings | Bishop | Black | Blanchard | Booth | Bowden | Bracy | Branscom | Bray | Brewer | Brothers | Brown | Bunker | Burns | Burr | Butler | Callahan | Campbell | Candage Carpenter Carr Carroll | Carter Carver Chase Clark | Cleaves Clement Closson Colwell | Conners Corson Cousins Crane | Crockett Cunningham Davis Dawes | Day DeGregoire Dickens Dix | Doane Dodge Dolliver Dorr | Douglass Dow | Doyle Dunbar | Durgin Eaton Ellis Emery | Erickson Eveleth Falt Farley | Farrar Farrell Farrin Fennelly | Fernald Finney Fish Flye | Fogg Fox Freeman Frost | Fuller Galley Garland Getchell | Gilbert Gilley Gilpatrick Goodridge | Googins Gott Grace Graten | Graves Gray Green Greening | Grindle Grover Hadley Hall | Hamblen Hamilton Hamor Harden | Harding Harper Havens Haynes | Heath Herlihy Herrick Higgins | Hinckley Hodgdon Hodgkins Holden | Holmes Hopkins Houghton Hull | Hutchinson Ingalls Jellison Johnson | Jordan Joyce Kelley Kench Kenison | Kief Kimball | King | Kittredge Knowles Knox Ladd | Langley Latty Lawler Lawton | Lear Leffingwell Leland Lindsey | Liscomb Lopaus Lord Loring | Lunt Lurvey Lynam MacNaughton | Manchester March Marcyes Martin | Mason Mayo McFarland McKenzie | McMullin Merchant Milan Milliken | Mills Mitchell Monarch Moore | Morris Mullin Murch Murphy | Musetti Newman Nickerson Nilson | Norton Norwood Noyes Nutter | Ober | Paine Parker Partridge | Peach Peckham Pendleton Peters | Pettingill Phillips Phippen/Phippin Pierce | Pomroy Pratt Pray Reath | Reed Remick Reynolds Rich | Richards Richardson Rinalda Robbins | Roberts Robertson Robinson Rodick | Rogers Romer Rumill | Russell | Salisbury | Sanford Sargent | Savage | Sawyer | Seavey Small Smallidge | Smith Snow | Somes Soper | Southard | Spear Sprague | Spurling | Stan(d)ley | Stanwood | Staples Stevens | Stewart Stover Strout Sugatt | Suminsby Tarr Thomas Thompson | Thurston Tinker Torrey Tracy | Troy | Tucker Turnbull Turner | Upton Verrill Wade Walls | Walton Ward Wasgatt Webster | Welch West White Whitmore | Whitney Wilcomb Wilson Wincey | Wood Young




Oral and Written histories and narratives

Hstory Harvest Collections – photos and stories of residents




Mount Desert Island Schools




Champlain Society





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