MyHeritage DNA tests offer DNA Ethnicity Estimates, DNA matches, and a Chromosome Browser as part of the DNA test results. The Chromosome browser has three different parts but allows you to compare chromosome segments with other DNA matches, allowing you to potentially triangulate (see the section labeled “Current DNA tools for Genealogy“)and figure out which branch of your family a DNA match might be related to.


MyHeritage DNA tests can help you discover relatives you hadn’t previously connected with and can help you learn about your ethnic and geographic ancestry.


Here are links to some MyHeritageDNA ethnicity maps for overall countries, you can select other countries from their menu:

Australia – Oceania

Brazil – America

Canada – America

China – Asia

France – Europe

Germany – Europe

Great Britain – Europe

India – Asia

Israel – Middle East

Japan – Asia

Mexico – America

Poland – Europe

Russia – Europe/Asia

UAE – Middle East



“Testing your DNA with MyHeritage offers significant benefits even if you have already taken a DNA test elsewhere. You will be able to get unique matches to users who have only tested with MyHeritage, as well as matches with users who uploaded their results to MyHeritage from other providers. Thanks to MyHeritage’s availability in more than 40 languages and wide international reach, you will have better chances of being matched with relatives who live in other countries. You will also receive a comprehensive ethnicity analysis on MyHeritage that may reveal new information.”

“DNA can be used to prove or disprove documented family tree connections. For example, if there is another person with your surname, or a family tree owner with whom you have a Smart Match™, you can both test on MyHeritage DNA to find out if you are indeed related. Conversely, family trees are invaluable for understanding the relationship path to DNA matches. Creating a family tree is recommended for anyone taking a DNA test, in order to make the most of the DNA results and to uncover the full story behind them. MyHeritage provides excellent tools for creating a family tree, and 7 billion historical records that make it fun and easy to expand it.”



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