is a genealogy research website offering subscriptions to genealogical data, hosted family trees, family tree charts, family history writing tools, and more.


Before you become a member, you can determine if the database has names of interest to you by freely searching the Ancestry Archive Index.


No registration is required and there is no charge for searches of the Ancestry Archive Index. Register and pay a small fee or upload a gedcom when you want to see the complete genealogy file, download portions of it, or view the notes and submitter information.


Subscriptions include:

  • $10/10-days

  • $20/month

  • $45/quarter

  • $120/year – with a one-time free month when you submit a GEDCOM of your family history with at least 15 families and 60 individuals. If the GEDCOM is larger than 5,000 names an additional month will be automatically awarded.


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