MyTrueAncestry is a DNA analysis company with free and fee services that compares your DNA to ancient DNA samples.


MyTrueAncestry compares your DNA to DNA samples retrieved from archaeological digs and provides Basic Analysis free of charge including:

  • Timelines, visualize your Ancient Genetic Past on timelines covering thousands of years (free service only shows some of the names on the timeline)

  • Modern Populations to which you’re closely related

  • Deep Dive, Ancient populations you share DNA segments with (only partially revealed with free service)

  • Your closest genetic matches to individual Ancient genetic samples (only partially revealed with free service)

  • Your closest genetic matches to Ancient populations

  • You can select any Modern DNA group and see how your autosomal DNA compares to that group (they have a genetic distance marker for each result so you’ll understand if you’re closely related or probably only related extremely distantly)

  • Many more results for paying customers



You can upload your DNA to MyTrueAncestry, free of charge, and they will process your DNA file, then delete the uploaded DNA file from their records. This means in order to see your results compared to any future features, you’ll need to upload your DNA file again to their site (it will be deleted after processing). This is a GDPR compliant company. Here are their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


MyTrueAncestry supports DNA files from Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, LivingDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and other test sites with a Build37 autosomal file.


With a free account your processed results expire in 48 hours; with a permanent account (for as little as $37) your processed test results never expire (you may have to upload DNA again if they offer new features you want your DNA processed against).


MyTrueAncestry prices for upgraded test results range from  $37 to $250, and $10 for medical results. These are one-time only fees. They are not recurring fees or subscriptions in need of renewal. You can upgrade between levels by paying the difference in cost.




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