The National Archives of Hungary Bács-Kiskun County Archives is the official archive for Bács-Kiskun County in Hungary.

MNL Bács-Kiskun County Archives Library is a smaller, related library with important onsite collections. The collections include books, periodical publications, maps, microfilms, manuscripts, CDs, DVDs, videotapes. The library has more than 20,000 volumes in Kecskemét. They also have important, frequently requested school records and census records.




Online collections


NAHDatabasesOnline has collections from Bács-Kiskun county:

  • Katonaállítás – Soldier Registries, Military Registration Registers 1756-1918 (1942) Personal Records for the Establishment or Supplementation of the Permanent Army.

In addition to the basic data (father, mother’s name, marital status, year of birth, residence), you can also find information about health status, physical appearance, or education.

“There are several types of document. There is a list of missing soldiers, there are also lists of documents and release requests between documents. The language of the documents is Latin, German, Hungarian depending on the age, depending on the location. The material from the 20th century was already completed by filling out forms, but filling the boxes was handwritten.” Military registers currently cover the following areas:

Dunapataj község = Dunapatag village

Kecskemét város = Kecskemét City

Kiskunfélegyháza körzet = Kiskunfélegyháza district

Kiskunfélegyháza város = Kiskunfélegyháza city

Kiskunhalas város = Town of Kiskunhalas

Nagykőrös város = Town of Nagykőrös

Where to find online Hungary Birth, Marriage, and Death records for Bács-Kiskun County?

The archive has a table of microfilms of state registers of Bács-Kiskun county. The digitized birth, marriage, and death records from these microfilms are in the online collection, Hungary Civil Registrations, 1895-1980. Also, check the Katonaállítás | Soldier registries listed above at the NAHDatabaseOnline for birth dates and parents’ names of soldiers.




Onsite Collections


ARC County legislatures and cities with jurisdictional powers 1075-1974 (1990)
V County towns and villages (1279) 1636-1952 (1997)
VI Territorial bodies of the administration 1801-2010
VII Territorial bodies of the judiciary (1851) 1859-1973
VIII Institutes, institutions (1707) 1806-2019
IX bodies 1557-2014
X associations 1651-2018
XI Economic bodies 1774-1953
XII Ecclesiastical bodies 1668-1953
XIII Families 1184-2013 (2016)
XIV Persons (1233) 1755-2017
XV Gyľjtemények 1334-2019
XVI Soviet Republic 1919-1919
XVII Committees set up for popular and special tasks 1944-1989
XXIII Advices (1873) 1942-1992 (2010)
XXIV Territorial trade unions of the public administration 1945-1950 (1877) 1918-2007
XXV Territorial bodies of the judiciary (1922) 1945-2003
XXVII bodies
XXVIII associations
XXIX Economic bodies (1915) 1941-2014
XXX cooperatives 1946-2014
XXXII Gyľjtemények
XXXIII For preservation or material referred to the state archives for treatment 1895-2014
XXXIV Archival records
XXXV Collection of MKP-MDP-MSZMP documents 1946-1990
XXXVI County self – governments / Self – government of the capital and its districts (1989) 1991-1999
XXXVII City, town and municipality self-governments with county status (1974) 1990-2011


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