The National Archives of Hungary Baranya County Archives is the official archive for Baranya County in Hungary. See the listing for the National Archives of Hungary for additional collections.

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  • Criminal Procedures, Prison Registers
  • Certification Committee Cases
  • Civil Lawsuits
  • Notarial Deeds
  • Inheritance And Chancery Cases, Testaments
  • Maps
  • Architectural Designs
  • Minutes Of Meetings
  • Registers Of Names, Hr Files
  • School Registers
  • Socialist Period (Documents Of The Councils And The Communist Party)
  • Photos And Postcards
  • Thematic Document Collections
  • NAH DatabasesOnline 
  • Has online collections from Baranya County Archives. Még nem kereshető = Not yet available. More will be added, but those currently online include:
  • Borsod megye közgyűlése
  • General Assembly of Borsod county
    The database contains the regressions of the minutes of the General Assembly of Borsod County and the digitized image of the minutes of the General Assembly with a circle between 1569 and 1581. Péter Tóth: General Assembly and Forensic Protocols of the County of Borsod I. 1569-1578, Borsodi Archives Letters 51, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Archives, Miskolc, 2008. Digitized version of the book Available at HUNGARICANA …”

  • Katonaállítás
  • Soldier Registries – Registries for patrols (1756-1942). These records may contain year of birth, marital status, father’s name, mother’s name, residence, health, appearance, & education. “Personnel records for setting up and completing a permanent army. Under the summary name there are several types of document. We can distinguish recruiting, drawing, dismissal, review, posting registrations. There is a list of missing soldiers, there are also lists of documents and release requests between the documents. The language of the documents is Latin, German, Hungarian depending on the age, depending on the location.”
  • Zemplén vármegye közgyűlése
  • “General Assembly of Zemplén County
    The database contains the regressions of the minutes of the General Assembly of Zemplén County and the digitized image of the minutes of the General Assembly with a circle between 1558 and 1563. Péter Tóth: General Assembly Minutes of the Zemplén County I. 1558-1560, Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Archives, 1990. The digitized version of the book is available on the HUNGARICANA Public Collection Portal…”
  • Where to find online Hungary Birth, Marriage, and Death records for Baranya County?
  • The archive has a pdf of microfilms of state registers of Baranya county. The digitized birth, marriage, and death records from these microfilms are in the online collection, Hungary Civil Registrations, 1801-1980. Also, check the Soldier registries listed above at the NAH DatabaseOnline for soldiers’ birth dates and names of parents.
  • Onsite records:
  • BaML Baranya County Archives (11th-2013)
    ARC. County authorities, free royal cities and cities with jurisdiction (1681-1961)
    V. Towns, Towns and Villages (1742-1954)
    VI. The territorial bodies of the central state administration (1778-1971)
    VII. Territorial Bodies of Legal Service (1850-1954)
    VIII. Educational Institutions (1742-2009)
    IX. Bodies (1696-1997)
    X. Associations, (mass) organizations, parties (1845-1994)
    XI. Economic bodies (1749-1990)
    XII. Church organizations, institutions (1628-1950)
    XIII. Families (1569-2006)
    XIV. People (1823-2003)
    XV. Collections (November 11, 2011)
    XVI. The Revolutionary Bodies of the People’s Republic and the Soviet Republic (1919-1919)
    XVII. Commissions for Power and Special Affairs (1945-1990)
    XXIII. Advices (1950-1990)
    XXIV. Territorial bodies of state administration (1861-1995)
    XXV. Territorial Bodies of Legal Service (1886-1983)
    XXIX. Companies (1933-2005)
    XXX. Co-operatives (1933-2010)
    XXXIII. Documents referred to archives by separate measure (1895-2012)
    XXXV. Hungarian Workers ‘Party, Documents of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (1948-1990)
    XXXVI. County Local Governments (1991-1997)

  • A large pdf document listing the on-site collections at the Baranya County Archives



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