The National Archives of Hungary Békés County Archives is the official archive for Békés County in Hungary.


Information about Research Services at the Békés County Archives This archive provides research services for a fee.

The National Archives of Hungary Békés County Archives has limited online genealogy records. These include maps, military records with birth dates & parents’ names, wills, Jewish cemetery records, posters, and some government documents. To find an ancestor you must know their religion, place they lived, & exact birth, marriage, or death date to find who was the keeper of the records and who holds them today. The current record keeper may be a church or parish, or even another country, based on their religion and where they lived at the time.




Online collections

  • Jewish Cemetery Database Our database contains read the tombstones and memorial plaques Gyula Jewish cemetery in the cemetery information.Data recorded on the tombstones and inscriptions supplemented with additional information based on archival documents, the database maker. Each side is connected to one or more series, where the photo was taken sírkőről. The database is complemented by a map, a program by clicking on the appropriate location of the database displays the location on the map where the tombstones are looking for.”
  • Database of the Court of Registration “Using the database for company names, headquarters, activity, names of founding members, etc. “can be sought which will significantly accelerate and facilitate access to this resource mix for the economy and society between 1876 and 1950. In summary, the database itself is an important research aid, but with the help of the processed nomenclature, we can also reveal relevant relationships with the capitalist strata involved in the industry.
  • Posters, charts, and other small forms
  • Thematic label database
  • Agendas of the BM Committee of the MDP


NAH Databases Online – has online collections from Békés County Archives. Még nem kereshető = Not yet available. More will be added, but those currently online include:

  • Katonaállítás – Soldier Registries – Registries for patrols (1756-1942). These records may contain year of birth, marital status, father’s name, mother’s name, residence, health, appearance, & education. “Personnel records for setting up and completing a permanent army. Under the summary name there are several types of document. We can distinguish recruiting, drawing, dismissal, review, posting registrations. There is a list of missing soldiers, there are also lists of documents and release requests between the documents. The language of the documents is Latin, German, Hungarian depending on the age, depending on the location.”
  • MSZMP Békés County Committee Party Committee and Executive Committee meetings – The database contains the minutes of meetings of the Party Committee and Executive Committee of the Békés County Committee of the MSZMP, in searchable OCR format PDF format, from 1957 to 1989. For privacy reasons, pages where sensitive data are found, including disciplinary matters and cadre proposals, are disabled. Scientific researchers with support statements and other persons eligible for access can access the archives of the archives …
  • Protocols of the MDP Békés County Commission – “General Assembly of Zemplén County
    The database contains the regressions of the minutes of the General Assembly of Zemplén County and the digitized image of the minutes of the General Assembly with a circle between 1558 and 1563. Péter Tóth: General Assembly Minutes of the Zemplén County I. 1558-1560, Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Archives, 1990. The digitized version of the book is available on the HUNGARICANA Public Collection Portal…”

Where to find online Hungary Birth, Marriage, and Death records for Békés County? – Microfilms of state registers of Békés county have been partially digitized. The digitized birth, marriage, and death records from these microfilms are in the online collection, Hungary Civil Registrations, 1895-1980. Also, check the Soldier registries listed above at the NAH DatabaseOnline for soldiers’ birth dates and names of parents.






Onsite records


Two Bekes county archives locations:

  • Gyulai Central building, phone number: (+ 36-66) 362-173, Gyulai research service telephone number: (+ 36-20) 289-8909
  • Békési Branch, phone number: (+ 36-66) 522-255, Békési research service telephone number: (+ 36-20) 289-8884


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